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How to Create a Successful Internet Business?

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Casey Zeman

What defines a successful Internet Business?

To combat the very real exposure to frustration and anxiety that you are going to experience on your journey, Mindset, as you have probably been told, holds the highest stock.

Success from that moment is allowing yourself to LEARN.

My Brother and his Wife have a brand new baby, 2 days old.  I am currently at their house and witnessing as they learn to adapt to this life.

Along the way, because it is so new, they are going to have fear and frustration.  Which is expected.

They of course understand that they must adapt, they must learn.  And the wonderful thing is that, they never stop learning.

Your journey down the path of internet marketing is going to faced with many “HUH’s??” and “ AHHHHHHH’s”.  I have gone through many trials and errors and am still going through them.  Much of how we discover success is how we deal with failure.

“Fail Good.”  Ever heard that?

Don’t be ashamed of mistakes.  I personally make mistakes every day.

But I also have a short term memory issue, so by the morning I forget the mistakes or frustrations I had the day before.  I just keep shooting those arrows even after missing 100 times.   It’s a blessing and a curse.

Learn from your screw ups and just keep pushing forward.  You are never going to get everything perfect.

The best thing you can do for yourself is not limit your scope of your success, don’t see the failure, see the big  goal.  And just understand that you are going to come across what you may perceive as failure on your journey, but the truth is, that without the failure, success doesn’t taste as good.

Well, my Brother and Sister-in-Law are doing great.  The baby has already pooped on the carpet and the couch.

  • Hi Casey,

    Congratulations on becoming an Uncle, i have a little boy of 13 months and it’s great.

    You’re so right, mistakes happen we just have to learn from them and move on. So many people are scared of making mistakes they never do anything.

    Great post and thanks for sharing.

    Tristram Lodge

  • Great article Casey! It’s such great advice … learn from your mistakes but don’t dwell on them … and for sure don’t give up 😉 *huGs* and congrats on the new baby in your family … it’s great you are there to enjoy this special time.

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