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A List of 10 great ways of providing good content when you are brand spanking new to this business.

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Casey Zeman

I wrote an article about providing good content on your blogs or forums.

WE hear all the time “to make beneficial comments or posts or threads”-

We all want to have good content that we provide to our blog or the forums we are members of. But what if my level of knowledge is not as vast as the other guy whose been doing this thing for a few years now. How do I compare?

Well listen, we all have to start somewhere. So I decided I’d put a list together of 10 things you can do to provide good content without being the Einstein of Internet Marketing:

1. Go to your favorite forum. You should be a member of a forum by now because forum marketing is one of the most powerful tools around. Surf around in your forum and find something you like, some pieces of content that you think are of tremendous value. Copy and paste those pieces of content somewhere on your desk top. Clue**You need to start gathering up all the awesome tidbits of information from every possible source you can find, because eventually, you will be using it to create your own comment. Travel to other blog sites and see what they are talking about. Check the comments for any questions and see if you can somehow find the answers to those questions. Forums and article directories are also great for choosing content to copy and paste. The intention is to learn from it and create content based on your new found knowledge. You are not to plagiarize. Create some new spin for the same information.

2. Another good posting idea is to find someone who you are really impressed with that maybe has a great content driven site and re-post some article or blog post of theirs. Make sure when you are doing this that you are giving them writing credit. Most bloggers love when people do this because it provides more exposure for them.

3. It is OK to ask questions. Many newcomers think they need to have all the answers. If you are really trying to learn and are going through a lot of trial and error then your experiences are going to be of value. If you post questions you are having about a certain topic and then explain the steps of how you are going to problem solve to get them answered, then you are creating a kinship with your reader who understands your plight. Now they know they are not alone when they are experiencing similar frustration.

4. You should see everyday as a new learning experience that you can share with other people. Eventually, people will start seeing your skills, regardless of your experience or knowledge. If you are proactively posting new content often and are targeting highly constructive tidbits or solutions to questions then you are going to gain a respected following . It is easier then you think. Whatever you learned today blog or post about it.

5. Write about yourself, be personable. You might think that people don’t want to hear about you but you are so wrong. It is not considered fluff to relay personal experiences.

6. Find different and inventive ways of blogging. Create a video blog. Maybe get an interview with a more well known marketer. By doing this you can provide good content from someone well seasoned and make a bit of a name for yourself while doing it.

7. I know that we all experience huge amounts of frustration and often feel like we are hitting a brick wall in our business. Sometimes we want to revamp our entire business plan or maybe even quit. Well, if you want to work through those issues on your blog post, go for it. Giving words of encouragement and relaying your negative experiences along with your good, can be very powerful. We all need to feel like someone is relating to us, our struggles and our strength to persevere.

8. Realize that seasoned marketers as well as beginning marketers are who you are trying to target as your audience. You want the seasoned marketers to realize that you are moving up the ranks and are similarly minded to them even at this early stage. You want to show them that you can relate to their business model, you have smart goals and realistic expectations and that you don’t see them as anymore successful then you, just a couple steps ahead. Beginning marketers are your comrades in arms, you are moving up the ranks with them and can be each others pillars of strength throughout the process.

9. Take a seasoned marketers product and review it. Apply it and see how you take to the product. This is totally beneficial because it is extremely useful for others to know what they are getting into before purchasing the product, and it can also be utterly useful for the marketer whose product you are reviewing if you find it of value. The marketer gets a resounding testimonial, and you get the possibility of them using your rave review/testimonial for their site.

10. Finally, if you are on a forum and you are trying to post regularly there then you should scan through all of the other posts and make a list of all the questions you find people are having. See if there are some questions on the forum that are similar to each other. Then seek out the answers to those questions. A good source for getting answer to those questions is by sending a “Private Message” to a more seasoned marketer on that same forum. The seasoned marketer might not make a response post to those people who were posting the questions in the first place, but if you contact that person directly the chances of them responding to you are very good. Usually, we all answer an email or DM sent to us, especially when someone is being gracious. That is what you are to be. Let that person know that you have been impressed with their knowledge and how they handle themselves on the forum. Tell them that you respect their experience and that is why they were the first person you thought of. Once you get an answer from them you can go back and help those with the question in the first place. By doing this you are killing 2 bird with 1 stone. Helping those with questions and make connections with the experienced. In any respect you are building relationships, and that is the name of the game in Internet marketing. Establishing friendships and business relationships will give your business momentum like no other. People who help people get help back.

That is it for the list. Take these 10 tips and implement them into your daily work. You can use them as guidelines for the bigger picture. That bigger picture being that although you might be new to the game, you have just as much to provide. Your tenacity and drive can sometimes give you greater momentum then the complacent, and resting on his laurels, 5 year seasoned vet. Hit the ground running!! You’ll be surprised at what you can accomplish. Good Luck



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