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I was on a three day road trip across country and not getting much done of course with work. I only had my Blackberry available when we were on road. So for 12 hours in the car I didn’t have much I could do. The only thing I really had was access to my email. Every time my phone vibrated I would look to see who had sent me a message. Most of all messages were from marketers whose lists I had subscribed to. My Brother took a look at my phone because it vibrated and I asked “who it was?”.

He said that it looked like spam. I looked…and agreed.

It was just another automated messages from another one of the dozen marketers whose lists I signed up for in my search for the right product, the right answers.

Clutter and Spam. Or is it???

Maybe it was because I had limited resources that I then thought of a wild idea.

What about writing those marketers back? Now if there is one major thing that I’ve picked up in the last 8 months of being online it is that connecting and building business relationships with other marketers or like-minded entrepreneurs is key. Whether you are Network Marketer, Affiliate Marketer or an Online Marketer selling his/her own products, ‘Business Development’ is what elevates your business to the next level. The wonderful thing about being online is that ‘Business Development’ is just a fancy way of saying ‘making friends’.

Side note:

Often times when starting out with your online business you might be spending a lot of time discovering what you want to ‘do’ and how to create your own branded products. So less time will be committed to building relationships with other marketers. That is OK. Don’t get stressed out with feeling you have to do 100 different things all at once.  A good way to just start out is to use a free product created by someone else, get it on a website and start building your list that way. Then, while that is happening, start creating your own brand of products. Because lets face it building your own brand takes time.

Don’t get discouraged if it takes a couple months before you are really outreaching to other marketers. Create your brand first and then start outreaching.

Now to continue with the story.

So I proceeded to write about 10 to 15 response emails

“Hi I have been following you for quite some time and would like to talk to you about working together, you can visit my site at

I checked each email address to see if they were valid.  Some of them were ‘no-reply’ email accounts but most of them were actual email accounts.

I sent the emails out and then the amazing occurred, I GOT RESPONSES BACK!

Well not so amazing, but something never considered by me before.

I was amazed with how quick the responses came and also how eager some people were to work together.  I had 3 responses.

  • One of them asked to see my link right away.  So I sent it and a few hours later, he had formed an email ready to be sent out to his list.  In his email to me, he said that I should be able to get about 50-100 subscribers from the swap.  He was right.
  • second person actually called me on my phone.  It so happens that I was driving my Brother to his new house in IL which was only 20 minutes from this marketer.  So the marketer and I scheduled a meeting.
  • The third marketer asked me to get her information on my affiliate program.  Luckily I have been putting one together because my goal is to get about 100-200 affiliates to start selling my products.

And all of this happened without my computer, while driving across country.

It is true that with this business you can make connections and work from any location.

Spam or not to Spam?

The next time you are thinking of  unsubscribing from someone’s list, pause for a moment and realize that those people who you consider as spam one day, might be business partners the next.

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