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The ‘So Damn Super’ Mike Hill

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Casey Zeman

I had the privilege of talking to one of the “GOOD GUYS” last week.  Mr Mike Hill!!

Mike is a super savvy marketer whose been in the IM playing field for over a decade.

Mike Started off selling ebooks back in 1999 or so, but had to stop because as he remembered:  “I hated it and felt like a used car-salesman”.

That’s when he moved into Media buying where he learned how to drive huge traffic as well as convert that traffic through multiple monetization points throughout the consumer funnel for a more positive consumer interaction.  Mike pioneered some huge changes of customer nurturing.  He then moved into the CPA world, doing client work, and eventually created CPA Tsunami which absolutely shook the IM industry.

From high-end Consultant to Maven/Guru.

Mike’s business has come full circle from consultant to rising up in the CPA world,  back to being a consulting and driving big time traffic through Google, Facebook, Yahoo, etc…

This mild mannered Super Affiliates created a Facebook group called Internet Marketer Super Friends.  IMSF is a legendary group in the IM world where “giving is the only commodity”.  In fact the value and knowledge found in this group is priceless.  For me, it’s one of the only places on Facebook where the biggest questions of online marketing are answered freely.  Mystery and ego’s are checked at the door and a living, breathing community that is free from self promotion and offers is what you’ll find there.

I personally hate being forced into a group where spam and self promotion come with almost every post along with members not actually talking or responding to other member’s.  This is where the “IM Super Friends” group rises mountains above the rest.

In this video, Mike and I have a 35 minute discussion all about the ethics of marketing, automation, customer nurturing, non-alcoholic beer, pink shirts and his lovable dog Rocky!  Thanks again Mike!

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