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Contest Winners Announced For Video Genesis!

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Casey Zeman

Wow! What an amazing response we had to the ‘Share the Love’ Contest.

Many of you went out of your way by not only bringing in leads into the contest but also making Facebook posts, Twitter Tweets and YouTube videos all about it!

Ok so the day has arrived to announce the winners of the Contest!

Here are the point tallies for the top 10 leaders! (please note: these are the points without the additional 1000 points added to the score for being the best voted YouTube video that was uploaded.

Gabriel Ramos-1030 Points
Stan Gore-955 Points
Tommy Williams-755 Points
Jacqui Tillyard- 455 Points
Stephen Gibson- 455 Points
Virgina E- 455 Points
Thomas-455 Points
Jesus Flores- 455 Points
Wade Byrd- 450 Points
Laura Hopper- 420 Points

There were two of you who made videos that stood out. Those were videos by:  Tommy William and Stan Gore!

So I did say that only one person could win the video contest BUT in this instance, both these guys did a great…Therefore…Both get the additional 1000 points!

So adding everything up…Stan now gets a total of 1955 points and Tommy gets 1755!

Making the new leaderboard scores:

1 Stan Gore 1955 Points
2 Tommy Williams 1755 Points
3 Gabriel Ramos 1030 Points
4 Jacqui Tillyard 455 Points
5 Stephen Gibson 455 Points
6 Virgina E 455 Points
7 Thomas 455 Points
8 Jesus Flores 455 Points
9 Wade Byrd 450 Points
10 Laura Hopper 420 Points
11 Omer 405 Points
12 odkert 405 Points
13 Tom Burdick 405 Points
14 Dr Fred 400 Points
15 Scott Shell 400 Points
16 Rick Dennis 400 Points
17 Jim Loesch 400 Points
18 Doug 400 Points
19 Tosha Sanders 400 Points
20 Lucy Jennings 400 Points
21 Sharon Williams 400 Points
22 Kevin Wood 400 Points
23 Evan 400 Points
24 Keith Avery 400 Points
25 Christopher Cellura 400 Points

Finally to qualify for the first place prize you needed 2500 points.  Stan Gore came JUST under that.  Now we don’t usually do this…but in light of the fact that ALMOST had a first place winner, we’re going to issue STAN GORE officially as the FIRST PLACE PRIZE WINNER!!!!



Rode NT1-A Cardioid Condenser Microphone Recording Package

(Please send us an email at with your shipping address and phone number!)


2ND PLACE WINNER TOMMY WILLIAM (awesome job Tommy, just coming in under Stan!) WIN’S!

CowboyStudio 4500 Watt Photo Studio Lighting Softbox Video Light Kit Boom and Carry Case

(Please send us an email at with your shipping address and phone number!)


3RD PLACE PRIZE WINNER GABRIEL RAMOS! (Awesome job Gabriel! Great meeting you btw in May earlier this year!)

Vid Traffic Conversion Marketing System – My Complete Video Marketing System


4TH PLACE PRIZE WINNERS-Easy Webinar Plugin 10 site license!


Jacqui Tillyard- 455 Points
Stephen Gibson 455 Points
Virgina E 455 Points
Thomas 455 Points
Jesus Flores 455 Points
Wade Byrd 450 Points
Laura Hopper 420 Points
Omer 405 Points
odkert 405 Points

(Please send us an email at with your EMAIL AND SUBJECT LINE-“I WON EWP 10 SITE LICENSE!”...for existing owners you can always gift your copy to a friend…plus I will send you a virtual hug because you rock!

5TH PLACE PRIZE WINNERS-Easy Webinar Plugin 1 site license

Tom Burdick 405 Points
Dr Fred 400 Points
Scott Shell 400 Points
Rick Dennis 400 Points
Jim Loesch 400 Points
Doug 400 Points
Tosha Sanders 400 Points
Lucy Jennings 400 Points
Sharon Williams 400 Points
Kevin Wood 400 Points
Evan 400 Points
Keith Avery 400 Points
Christopher Cellura 400 Points

(Please send us an email at with your EMAIL AND SUBJECT LINE-“I WON EWP 1 SITE LICENSE!”…for existing owners you can always gift your copy to a friend…plus I will send you a virtual hug because you rock!


I want to mention that we will be contact each of you for your winnings!

***Please note:  Occasionally we will be orchestrating contests like this every now and then when we promote killer products and want to provide additional prizes and bonuses to those who are our subscribers, customers and friends.  If there are ever specific gifts that you’d like to win please let us know!

*****One more word of note! Optimize Press 2 is just around the corner and we will be supporting it due to how massively powerful and  beneficial it is for creating every type of web page for your business.

I am considering doing another contest for it as well…plus some bonuses!

If you are interested in providing input into the type of bonuses I will be rolling in please send an email to and in the title say “Bonuses for Optimize Press”, then list something that makes sense to you.  I am going to try to mold the bonuses to be perfectly aligned with Optimize Press 2 and am always looking for your input.  (An example would be getting on a call with James Dyson the owner of Optimize Press-of course this is something that might actually happen!)

Finally, if you’re interested in knowing more about Optimize Press 2 take a behind-the-scenes look at the software, and a quick video training on The Top Five Reasons People Fail Online…


Thoughts?  Comment below and let me know what you think!

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