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5 Tips for Gathering Webinar Attendees Without an Email List or Facebook Community

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So I just received a question that came through one of my EasyWebinar Auto-Webinar Chat Boxes. This is what the person asked:

“What are some ways to promote your upcoming webinar for someone just getting started and has no list and no social media contacts?”

You’d be surprised how many times I’ve heard this question.  As some you might know, I use Webinars as one of the main sources for selling my products.

AND when I first started out, I was plagued by this same question.

But really, this question is more related to “Traffic” which, of course, is the life blood to an online presence.

So in this article I wanted to give some helpful tips on how to drive attendees to your Webinars.

Tip #1 (PITCH FREE WEBINAR) :  If you are a brand new to doing Webinars and you have very few followers and no list, then I would suggest you start with doing a Pitch Free Webinar where you offer up a gift of extreme value. By doing this you can connect with like-minded people who would potentially cross promote your free Webinar.

Why? Because it becomes a win-win situation when big list owners
can send off free and valuable content to their community.

Essentially you would be doing this to build up a list and your following!

In fact, if you are new to online marketing than I want you to be ultra aware of this tip.

To get any sort of following you need to build up a list of subscribers. Webinars are a terrific way of building up your subscriber list. Incentivize them to join your Webinar by letting them know that you will be giving them a “free gift” at the Webinar.  (Offer up this free gift to them at the end of the Webinar to keep your attendees on for the entire Webinar)

Please note:  This, of course, is for people who have a product or service already. For those who do not have a product and service, you can use other peoples products through being an affiliate.

Tip #2 (Periscope or Facebook Live): One of my obsessions are live videos. And the platforms that allow you to connect and find an instant audience are Periscope and Facebook Live.  More so Periscope is an ideal platform for someone looking to grow their audience from scratch.  I use live video to drive people from a broadcast using live video (From Periscope) to a webinar!

In fact I send my Periscope traffic using to build my list and automatically send them to a webinar.  I have a more detailed article and info about how this can work by clicking here.


Tip #3 (FACEBOOK EVENT) : If you currently don’t have a large Facebook followers, I would suggest creating an Event in Facebook for your Webinar and invite people through that Event. Then send out private and personalized messages to some people who you might know that are friends that are willing to promote your Webinar. Again, if you are going to do this, make sure your Webinar is a Pitch Free Webinar. Make sure people realize that you are offering a great free gift and that’s the reason for recommending your Webinar. The Facebook Event is also a great place to send ‘Cold Traffic’ to warm them up through interaction with other people on the event page that are buzzing about your up and coming Webinar.

Tip#4 (FACEBOOK AND YOUTUBE ADS) : You can use Facebook Ads and Google AdWords for Video (YouTube) to create inexpensive campaigns that will drive traffic. Ad traffic is cold traffic, so the best way to bring in that traffic is to send them to something like the Facebook Event Page. (Remember I said send that you need to warm up Cold Traffic) The great thing about Facebook and YouTube Ad Traffic is that you can get your cost per click and cost per view down to anywhere from .05-.15 cents a click/view which is less expensive than any Ad source out there.

Tip #5 (LINKEDIN GROUPS) : Another great source for Traffic is LinkedIn. You can also create a Group in LinkedIn about whatever your business, product or service you always are offering. Building up a group takes less time then most people think. In fact, the first 2 weeks of a group is the most important time because there is a buzz, an interest and a few things you can do within that first 2 weeks is create thoughtful and valuable content for the group and ask them to give their own input. Another smart thing to do is assign a person as the administrator of the group. So if you are unavailable to keep the group spam free due to time, they can. Once you have your group built up, you can drive those members of your group to your Webinars. The idea here is to get it systematized so that you are not devoting too much of your time to it eventually.

Finally, I will leave you with this…Tip #6 (LOCAL MARKET) What about going out into your local market and start promoting? For instance, I just got a flyer in the mail from the University of Southern California about an up and coming Webinar dealing with business success. So consider a direct mail scenario. Or what about doing a local event in your area? There are plenty of strategies for driving attendees to a Webinar that don’t require online marketing, but more so Networking best practices.


I hope this article has helped in cataloging different traffic strategies to increase your attendee list on your Webinars.


Traffic is the 1st step in the equation for a business to profit…the 2nd step is converting that traffic from casual prospects to paying customers and in my experience, the ‘Webinar’ is a great tool for achieving this. (Of course, then there’s the whole issue of ‘How do I create a Successful Webinar?’ question, not to mention the “How do I systematize the Webinar model?” that arises…)

Well, guys, that’s a different story!

Which you can learn HERE;

The key is Traffic + Conversion = A Successful Business!



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