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Google Hangout-Why I love thee…Plus EWP 3.0 Update!

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There has been such a buzz over Google Hangout as of late.  Makes sense of course due to the fact that a hangout can live stream an endless number of people in one place without a hiccup.  Why can it do that?

Because it streams directly into your YouTube channel that can take MILLIONS of hits coming to a video at one time like a super hero.

People are finally discovering that doing a Google Hangout into a YouTube video can actually take the place of Webinar Software like GoToWebinar.


GTW is a private webinar platform where Google Hangout, once it is streamed, it is streamed public.

So for all intents and purposes doing a registered event seems to only work with a webinar platform like GTW or WebEx or Meetingburner.

So back to the question. Can G Hangout take the place of GoToWebinar or a similar service?  Not by itself it cant.

Plus there are certain settings that you can set inside Google Hangout and YouTube to hide a Google Hangout from the public but they are not so obvious tweaks.

This is where it is relevant:  Some of you might know this already, but I am co-founder of a webinar software called Easy Webinar Plugin.  EWP historically was an advanced automated streamed replay system.  But for the last 6 months we have been integrated to do Live Google Hangout but we were only able to stream out 40 minutes at that time.

Well guess what we have just opened up our 3.0 version that among other things has an extremely deep integration with Google Hangouts for Live Stream Webinars that can stream for an endless amount of time.  You can use Google Hangouts to Live Stream your webinars directly into our advanced webinar funnels.

A webinar funnel consists of a Registration page, Thank you page, Webinar event page, Webinar replay page along with a Built in Email Notification System, Advanced Evergreen Scheduling Restructuring, Unique Webinar Attendee Tracking and more.

Plus our new webinar player works to keep your attendees at the Google Hangout webinars while staying on the good side of Google and YouTube.

*Recently over the last 2 weeks, new plugins for Google Hangout Integration have popped up, (while I was in China of course) and some people have asked ‘Casey how does your software compare to the these other live Google Hangout Webinar software options?”  Well our software Easy Webinar Plugin is both an advanced streamed scheduled broadcast software (similar to Stealth Seminar and Evergreen Business System) and a LIVE event software (using Google Hangouts). I haven’t had the pleasure of testing out the other programs (I am sure they work) but I do know that we have been tried and tested in the market for the last couple years with thousands of users.

With EWP you can combine the power of doing the Live Stream Events with the ability of taking those same live event webinars and turning them into evergreen events conducive to your attendees timezones.  The software is quite dynamic. For instance I have a Google Hangout streaming out every Tuesday at 2pm.  I only had to create the webinar one time and simple after the live Google Hangout, I restructured the scheduling to be every week at 2pm. A true business tool has a built in strategy system. That’s how our system is different. You get a full event business suite with our software.

Today I got off the phone with GTW who called me asking me to be in a new program.  The rep actually was scoping my site saw that I had a registration form on the side of my site.  He asked if it was GTW form thinking that might have been new GoToWebinar development that he didn’t know about.  (There is a registration form on the right side of this article that I just recently put up. Our new Registration page widget ——>)

I asked him how GTW was doing and he openly admitted that they had been feeling the pain of new technologies such as Google Hangouts.  For instance GTW HD faces didn’t work for plans that had more then 100 attendees, but they never openly said that which simply made them look like they said they had a feature but didnt.  Only now it is available for plans with more then 100 attendees, but only for select beta testers.  That’s what he was asking me to be apart of.  I found this funny because G Hangout did their own version of HD faces and you could stream to not just 100 people but millions.

The bottom line of the conversation was that EWP was on the right road of our development and feature additions.  Which has led me to quickly annouce our newest list of development regarding EWP 3.0! The 3.0 list of new features consists of this:

  • A deeper integration with Google Hangout (stream endless hours of live webinars to an unlimited number of attendees
  • A wide selection of Chat Box features.  We have added not only a question box that can notify you every time someone has a question but we have integrated Facebook comments, Twitter comments, and the ability to integrate any third party commenting software.
  • Ipad compatible player for live webinars and replay videos.
  • Our cool new Webinar player can prevent those watching your live Google Hangouts or YouTube hosted replay videos from straying from the private page.
  • Instant home page setting of your wordpress site with your your webinar registration page.
  • NEW REGISTRATION FORM WIDGET and THANK YOU WIDGET which allows you to place an iframe form anywhere to register and confirm registration for both live and automated webinars.
  • Third Party Tracking and Analytics. (add in your own tracking to properly analyze your traffic and attendee ratios)
  • Search Engine Optimization Meta Sections to get your webinars ranked in the search engines.
  • Permalink settings to optimize and set your pages to specific names
  • NOW USE YOUR OWN AUTORESPONDER FOR LIVE WEBINARS and ADMIN SCHEDULED EVENTS BEYOND ADDING THEM TO YOUR LIST.  This was doable before but previously the attendees did not get a personal unique webinar link.  It was a general registration link that could have been shared.  WELL, now you can now send your users unique webinar links conducive to them through your own autoresponder using a URL hidden field.  We integrate with Infusionsoft, Aweber, MailChimp, Constant Contact, Office Auto Pilot, and a couple more.  If you have an autoresponder that you would like us to integrate with just let us know!  The bottom line is that you can use your own autoresponder much like GoToWebinar uses their webinar notifications for live events (and admin scheduled broadcasts).

Please note that EWP has its own advanced built in notification system which is perfect and necessary for using the scheduling option of automated broadcasts in your attendees timezone.  This is something your own autoresponder can’t do unfortunately however your autoresponder is perfect for sending out emails for live events.

(also note, that if you do not have an autoresponder, you don’t need one.  Our software keeps track of attendees and much like GTW has a downloadable excel document of all of your leads as they register.)

Previous Awesome Development:

  • Cloning your webinars:  The perfect way to avoid having to create a new template over and over again with every new webinar you want to create.
  • Cross site cloning:  You have the ability to clone one webinar from one site under your license to another site under your license. (This is great if you have a sales team that has their own sites but require the same marketing material and webinars.

Development on the Horizon:

  • One click registration for members only webinars and webinar series.  (integration with wishlist and other membership sites coming soon)
  • One time registration for series webinars.  We are integrating series based webinars so that your attendee doesn’t have to keep on registering for new webinars that you might want to be offering them every single week. (You can at the moment piece webinars together for a series but we want to make this easier for you)
  • Add additional users to your license.  This will allow you to set your clients and sales teams with logins to their specific webinars and sites under your license.
  • Possibly a Multisite License available to those with existing communities.

As you can see, a lot of cool things out and more coming out all the time.  If you have been looking for an ULTIMATE WEBINAR solution that, dare I say it, can take the place of GTW then I would suggest coming through and picking up EWP 3.0 before we increase the price.  Right now when you come in you can get the added Live Google Hangout Integration for the same cost of the advanced broadcast replay system.  Not sure how long that will be available.

Click Here To Pick  Up Your Own Copy.


****For Existing Members of EWP****

The EWP 3.0 version is in the members area.  We were debating whether to charge you for the update.  Believe me when I say the value of this development is huge.  And at some point we may change our minds with offering it automatically.  (If you do not see the new 3.0 plugin with live integration in your dashboard it could be because since this article was written, we started to charge existing members for the live webinar integration. (lifetime upgrades of EWP were originally promised for the automated system only)  Rest assured though, for the time being every existing EWP member gets it.

Things you should know about the upgrade!

  • If there are any <?> symbols in the description areas of your webinars on the reg page or thank you page it is due to new additional encryption and security done to EWP.  Unfortunately you will have to delete those yourself.  Just go in there delete them and then save your webinar.
  • In fact, RE-SAVE all of your existing webinars.  That would help to configure the webinars to the new plugin update.

I have created a series of video for you to understand some of the new development.  Specifically in this series below I show you how to add a hidden url field when using your own autoresponder.  This series actually takes you through the entire process of setting up an EWP webinar event.

(Please note:  These videos talk about using EWP as a Holding Room to bring people from the webinar page into a YouTube URL where the Hangout is being streamed into.  However I want you to understand for private webinars the steps are pretty much the same except that you will add in the Live YouTube Google Hangout URL into the webinar event page section instead of a call to action video.)

Video 1:  Set up and intro to Google Hangout Integration

Video 2: Recording a Registration Page Video

Video 3: Creating Your Call To Action Thank You Page Video

Video 4: Creating your Free Gift

Video 5: Using EWP as a Holding Room for a Live Google Hangout

Video 6: A Brief Overview of The Email Integration

Video 7: Creating Your Aweber Follow Up Sequence

Video 8: Setting Up Your Broadcast Emails

Video 9: Creating Your ‘URL’ Custom Field For Your Aweber Form

Video 10: Recap of Integrating Your Autoresponder to EWP (For Live G Hangout Webinars or Admin Scheduled Pre-Recorded Broadcasts)

Question? Did these videos make sense with how to set up a hidden field?
Let us know!

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