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Easy Webinar Plugin (WordPress Automated Webinar Software) Updates!

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Casey Zeman

Easy Webinar Plugin

Hi my awesome friends.  So I wanted to give you some updates of Easy Webinar Plugin.  This week we were working frantically to get some things fixed, finalized and added in. 

So here you go:

  • First off-You can now watch Video Tutorials for each section of your dashboard of Easy Webinar Plugin!!!  Simply click the “Watch Tutorial” button after each section!
  • You can now upload your own logo to the dashboard for the registration page! Yes! A nice addition for people for branding purposes (although I personally like the headline and sub-headline fields that we have in their currently.-clean and simple 😉
  • A very small, but helpful addition is the suggested size of the presenter upload image.  Remember guys, just like GoToWebinars, try to stay at about 100×100 px for the presenter image.
  • We have now added Google Plus to the “Share Feature” on the “Thank You Page”.  This is hugely beneficial, especially since Google Plus just opened the doors the Business pages.  So a little social media advice.  If you don’t already have a Google Plus account or business page up-get one.  We just created ours-Here is the link.  Click Here for G+ for Business.
  • The Webinar Live Page-We have tested it out and you can now upload 275mb worth of video through the Amazon S3 uploader found in your Webinar dashboard.  Just so you know, that is a huge video size, generally a size like that is over 2 hours long.  So you can definitely have longish seminar videos uploaded now. (for those who asked about it)  We found a simple setting that you have to set in your WordPress site that will enable that.  Don’t worry we are going to announce some training next week for easy set up and helpful suggestions for your Webinar video.
  • Our Attendee list now populates names for you! So if you want to show 10 names, 150 names, or even 300 names showing it will do it for you. (No need to try to find the names yourself)
  • You can now customize your “Chat Box Title”.  Very nice for putting some specific call to actions in regards to commenting.  (Such as-“Please leave your comments here. We have our session manager answering questions as they arrive to save time.”)
  • Our “Registration Page” now is in 12 hour clock! Woo Hoo!  Again a small change but definitely the direction we were heading.
  • On the Webinar Dashboard.  We now have an area that will show you all of the links for the webinar. (registration page, thank you page, webinar live page and replay page)

As a reminder, if you are having trouble with installation for whatever reason, you can watch installation videos or download the pdf’s that will help you through that process.

You can go to for that information.

The Videos in the Dashboard should help out tremendously for setting up your Webinars…


Next week we will be announcing the training which will be covering:

1.  Power Point Training

2. Screen Capture Training

3. How to Create a Compelling Sales Webinar.

4. Interview Platforms.

5.  The compelling offer.

6. The best ways for use of Easy Webinar Plugin-From offers to Delayed Events Strategies, to using the Scarcity Feature properly for high conversions.

Stay Tuned!


Casey Zeman


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  • I am really looking forward to your training. I have looked at several webinar systems before, but the prices were so high that I passed on all of them. Your plugin finally put a webinar system within my financial reach and I am excited about all the possibilities. I like the fact that you work with your buyers, implement suggestions, provide training and respond to support tickets.

  • Thanks Shama. I really appreciate the kind words. My goal for this product and in fact all my products is to provide high levels of value and support.



  • All these features are very useful, indeed. Especially when they are up and running. But I was so sorry to hear that you had actually changed the clock to 12 hours! – without any possibility of reverting it to 24 hour format which is far more common in this part of the world… we do not use the am-pm thing… But still – I like the EWP very much. The scarcity feature and timed events are very good. I can use them without any problems. And support – yes – one of the best I’ve ever encountered (answers are promt).

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