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Ouch-The Pains of Oversharing

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Casey Zeman

You know, it is funny to think about how challenging it can be to fully layout our feeling, especially on an online publication where once it’s out there, it’s out there.  Plus you’ll get naysayers who will focus on the fact that I just used the word “naysayer” in a sentence or that I’m making my feelings (that are more intended for a diary) public.  Honestly, there is also something deeply therapeutic about it.

Doesn’t it seem to make sense that if Anne Frank could have had a blog (anonymous mind you) she would have written in it?  Writing something is scary but also affirming.  A diary, to me, seems to echo a time of where I needed to hide my feelings because they weren’t necessarily acceptable.  Let’s say I am 16 again, and in my diary I write about my feelings for a girl who I think doesn’t even know I exist.  I completely get why that would not be public, but wouldn’t it be great if we didn’t have to feel even an ounce of shame for feeling what we feel…or being who we are?

Diaries seem as reflections of who we actually are…and it seems like today we are in a much different place of…Share who we are, rather then be who people expect us to be.

So do you think fewer people are writing in diaries then 10 years ago?  Do you think those same people who wrote in diaries are now writing in blogs? Do you feel it’s good or bad to express your feelings publicly in a personal blog?  When is TMI a factor, or is it a factor? I use to have a friend that would post pics of her birth on Facebook.  With each new baby she’d have, she would also do a ‘Virtual Tour’ of the uncensored and unfiltered footage.  Is this an example of going TOO FAR in online sharing? Please comment below!

So, I have a lot of goals this year.  One of them is to write a New York Times Best Seller. Now before I get the ‘Oh come on man, good luck with that’ sigh or speech…I accept both outcomes. Either becoming a NYT’s best seller… or not.

Why am I putting it out there?  Primarily for accountability.  Me announcing that goal is the first step in achieving or acting on the goal.  You can think of it like a daily affirmation.

I’ve actually already had my first session with my writing partner. He and I are meeting up every week to flesh it out.

Why am I writing a book?  Well, there is a topic that has plagued me since I was a kid, and it continues to come back over and over again in my life.

Have you ever had something that you just couldn’t let go of? Whether it was a passion or a certainty that you felt and that certainty kept getting in your face time and time again? Well that is why I’m doing this.  If I don’t do it now, I will always wish I had.

So please stay tune.

Coming next week…”Why Amazon sucks when it comes to used products”!

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