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YouTube’s Promoted Videos Become Google Adwords for Videos

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The new year brought some changes on all fronts in the technology social media spectrum.  One of them being YouTube’s promoted videos.  The promoted video layout that was strictly YouTube before with a little bit of Google adWords, is now officially ‘Google AdWords for Video’.  Over the next few weeks we will see promoted videos replaced completely by the Google AdWords for Video (Using the TrueView video ad format)

When YouTube announced in 2010 that Cost Per Click in YouTube was changing to Cost Per View and the TrueView format was coming out,  it was a bit confusing due to the Video ad format straddling the fence of both YouTube and Google.  We’ll now, it seems that the transformation is complete.  Google has officially opened up their Google Video Ads section.  Which will allow you to create ads with your YouTube videos that will now show up not only in YouTube, but the Google Ad Display Network.

So what does this mean?

“AdWords for video gives you more ad formats, better reporting, and four times the inventory of Promoted Videos.” 

Personally I like TrueView, because I only have to pay for views that are actually watched.  The Google Video ad layout is far more robust then the Promoted Video search options.

Also ‘YouTube’s Video Targeting’ feature will be fully replaced starting January 16th 2012 to the ‘AdWords Placement Tool’, and clicking ‘Video Placement Tools.’

At the moment you can use Google’s Double Click Ad Planner to get started. This is a great tool to learn the best ways to structure your video ads.

At the moment, I have not seen anything that is saying the YouTube Keyword Tool is changing.  This is, to the best of my knowledge, still a great source for getting keyword ideas for being found on YouTube.  However, there is still a method for making sure your ads are showing up in the Google Display Network based on the keywords you choose.  In this instance, the Google Video Ad Placement feature works quite well, along with still the Google Keyword Tool.

I will be covering more on YouTube Video Ads and the evolution of promoted videos as Google unveils more and as I learn more.

For those of you interested in learning about Google Ad Videos/YouTube Video Ads please let me know.

I will be doing a Webinar about YouTube Promoted Videos and Google Video Ads to be announced soon.

To learn more about YouTube and it’s changes and evolution, you can get my free 7 day video marketing bootcamp at

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