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YouTube Changes it’s Channel Design to ‘The New YouTube One Channel’

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Casey Zeman

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Breaking news! Looks like now even us average poor saps can take advantage of The New YouTube One Channel’.

The YouTube One Channel design is yet another deeper integration move with Google Plus and Google as a whole.

My predictions based on this integration: Eventually we’re going to see, I am sure, Google Hangout in the YouTube dashboard.  Honestly I really can see everything happening at some point from one master Google Plus/Youtube dashboard.

  • The New Channel Art: Is a huge image banner very similar to the Google Plus banner. This banner lets you go into a ‘Google Image’ main Gallery or Scrap Book from where both your Google Plus and YouTube Images reside.  Almost like a master image folder or library.  The image size for the YouTube Banner can be no less then 2120 x 1192 Pixels in size.  Your site links and your social media links are clickable now from the YouTube Banner Image.  WOO HOO.  This is great news for peeps because you don’t need to be a qualified partner to get your links clickable from the banner!

  • The Unsubscribed Channel Trailer:  This is YouTube’s definition of an ‘about video’ for those coming to your channel who are not subscribed. Subscribers will see the news feed instead of this section. YouTube gives pointers on how to make this ‘trailer video’. Such as keep your video short and welcome new viewers to the page…Also you should have call to actions in the video such as suggesting that new viewers subscribe to the channel in order to get updates right away. This is Content creation at it’s finest.


  • Add a Section: YouTube has now created modules where you have 2 options of editing.  You first add what content you want, and then you decide on the type of layout for that content.

What’s ultra cool about doing it this way is that YouTube has figured out how to help you manage your content based on Playlists, Recent Uploads, all Playlists, Likes, Recent Post, Recent Activity, Single Post, and Tags.

For instance the tags allow you to categorize a specific set of videos in a section based on those tags.  With this new content and layout option you can bring your viewers through an even deeper experience while on your channel Page.

These are the steps.

Step 1: Choose Content
Step 2: Choose a deeper Categorization
Step 3: Name Your New Section Title.
Step 4: Decide on Your Layout- Horizontal or

  • Finally, the Channel Page Settings allow you to decide what you want to show your existing subscribers.  Such as when you add a video to a public playlist or comment on a video, or like a video, or subscribe to a channel. You can also decide to set privacy settings to your videos for the likes and subscriptions that you subscribe.

All and all, I am tremendously excited about these add-ons. Google and YouTube are definitely going into a ‘Tell Your Story” direction which is exactly the direction that we should all be going in in our video creation.

Keep an eye out for more integration with Google and YouTube.

In fact…I have decided to put on an event this Tuesday all about Google Hangouts and it’s integration with YouTube and Easy Webinar Plugin.

This event is going to be through a Google Hangout but we are creating the holding room through EWP.  You can register for this event here!

See you at the event where we will delve into even more awesome integration of YouTube/Google/Social and more…Boom!

Again Register Here.

What do you think of the new designs? Love it? Hate it? …Do Tell!

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  • Looking forward to the webinar. Who is the guy with his eyes closed (avatar). I like to look a person in the eyes when I’m talking to them. 🙂

  • Hey Casey, excellent video and yes, I LOVE the new look! Your website has always been very cool and nicely designed with a great layout and unique look but I’m really liking this one too! You’re a true pro and you always share great training tips, especially on Youtube, they sure do keep you busy! lol

  • thanks for the update. my only problem with the new youtube channel design, is that their is no place to tag your youtube the old design their is a section to tag your channel so one can tag the channel or change their tags to new tags so one can search for their channel and find it. how can one tag their channel or with the new design one can only tag videos and no more able to tag their channels??

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