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YouTube has recently changed their platform around a bit.

For instance their channel drop down box is no longer a box at all but an area for text hyper links. Also YouTube has a Movies Platform where you can download BlockBuster movies for 24 hour periods of time for around 3.99.  They have also set up a section for TV shows as well.  You can watch what Showtime shows such as United States of Tara for free, which is quite something, as well as obviously still being able to watch YouTube Partner Shows.

YouTube has also created a new Upload feature .

You can now drag and drop videos into the upload section, as well as uploading several videos at once. Not just one at a time. This is great if you have say a video series that you need to upload.  You can upload all of them at the same time.

However, waiting for the upload for more then one video at a time is a long process.  They haven’t quite figured that out yet.  But hey, if you are uploading 20 minute videos at a time then, it can make sense.

I also mentioned in this video some suggestions to YouTube for improving their user experience.

YouTube should implement a reply to comment feature on the front comment section so that YouTube channel owners can reply directly to comments made on their channel. Those comments should have a direct notify feature to the person the channel owner is responding to. By implementing that feature, YouTube’s interactive quality would increase dramatically, and in the face of Facebook, that might be the way to go.

I believe that is their main issue right now.

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YouTube is thinking to themselves “What direction should we go in with Facebook really gaining more ground?”

Do they make their own platform more dynamic (like Facebook) or do they go the other direction and avoid being seen like a social network?  I personally think yes, they should make it easier for people to respond to one page interests, and develop their interactive aspects while they still develop their video capabilities.  Sorry for all those who aren’t interested to see YouTube go the direction of Social Media.  I hate to break it to you… but I think they already have.  But of course with Now the involvement of video selling (NetFlix) and a bit more “commerical” presence, I am not quite sure. Seems they are trying to combine 20 different ideas into one.  That scares me a bit.  That potentially could be a recipe for disaster. I was just talking to my buddy Roshan over at SocialRank and he put it this way

“They need to use a blue ocean strategy
Im a firm believer of…
“If you change your strategy based on competition, you dont have a strategy”

Thanks Roshan, you are totally right.  Let’s see if they can look inward to ask what their user base wants and not focus on the competition-Get a clear idea for their “big picture” from those that love them.

At this point I really don’t even know what that is.  However I believe that is has something to do with nurturing new talents on YouTube.

Here is a PDF you can Download that talks about the “Blue Ocean Strategy”. For those interested.





What are your thoughts on this issue?  Do you think YouTube should go the way of Facebook or try to go the opposite route to not seem as a competitor?  Please Leave a comment below telling us about it.

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