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How to Get To The First Page Google With Your YouTube Videos

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Casey Zeman

I want to very quickly get back to the basics.  So let’s talk ‘how to rank a video!’ Traffic is the name of the game with any online business and in my opinion Video Traffic is the best form of traffic because when people come through having watched your videos, 2 things happen.

1.  They are instantly connected with you.  Meaning that they now have an opportunity to know you and of course this is your opportunity to let yourself show then the very best of what you can be and what you have to offer…and they are either going to love you or hate you.  Now don’t get upset if someone doesn’t like you.  Stay you!  Never be anything you aren’t.  In fact, embrace that divide, it weeds out your hardcore fans from those who can’t get on board.

2.  For those who love you—Feed them more!!!  Here’s what is going to happen!  If you provide content that they can absorb, benefit from and repeat, they’ll want to go deeper and watch more of your content.  That of course leads them into a more nurtured and qualified path….Which eventually brings them through as customers.

So with that said, I want to get back to the basics and show you how you can get your videos in front of your audience and how best to move that targeted traffic from your videos into your business.

Examine the video asset you are trying to get ranked.

What is your video about? Or better yet what is your business about?

It starts with your audience, can you answer these questions:

Who is your ideal audience?  What are they searching for?  And what are you solving for them?

If you can answer the first question, then I can help you with getting the 2nd…and then of course it is really up to you to answer the third question, ‘What are you solving for them.’

So with that said, let’s take a look at what your ideal client or audience is searching for.

Here is a Fact:  Because Google owns YouTube, it give a higher ranking in the search engines to YouTube videos.  So when optimizing a YouTube video your goal is to not only get ranked inside YouTube, but Google as well.

That’s why we are going to start with taking a look at search results with Google’s Keyword Tool. (If you want to get access to Google’s keyword tool simply search for ‘Google Keyword Tool’)

1.  Keyword analysis.

Keyword analysis is one of the most important aspects to target marketing.  For those that do not know, the keywords of a text are the buzzwords that describe whatever your content is about.

So in the case of Video, when we are Titling, Describing and Tagging a video, we must have accurate and descriptive keywords that explain what the video is about.  That is the first layer.  The second layer to Keywords is that you want to use Keywords that are already being searched.

We are going to examine Google’s Keyword Tool search results and compare it to YouTube’s Keyword Tool results. (Did you realize that YouTube had it’s own keyword tool? Yep, in fact YouTube has its own search algorithm)  In this video, let’s dive in to keyword optimizing your video!  You might be surprised with what we find.

In this video let’s take a look at the keyword phrase:

How to Sing’

Funny enough this keyword phrase gets16 Million Global Monthly Searches and has Low competition. (NICE!)

In fact let’s see what that search result is when we type it into Google.

In the above video we go into doing a bit of keyword analysis.

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