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iPhone Video for shooting some of the best videos for business I’ve seen

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Casey Zeman

Have you noticed that I have been acting iphone crazy for the last few months?

Because all the reasons for not creating video in your business literally gets tossed out the window when it comes to your iPhone.  For instance, I hear this all the time:

“Video Equipment is too expensive?, I get so freaked out about having to spending thousands of dollars on a video for my business.  I know I need video, but why does it have to cost so much?”

My answer to you is:

Look at your phone. Do you have a smart phone like more then 50% of the world?  Take a closer look.  Is it an iPhone?

Well guess what that iPhone has a built in High Definition Video Camera.  It has the same quality that you find in cameras that cost thousands of dollars and you already use it as a phone.

All it takes is to start looking at it as a video marketing machine.

Why do I call it a video marketing machine?

Creating the best videos for your business with a your phone.001

Because no matter where you are, you can create stunning videos with amazing audio in real time and upload that video to Facebook, YouTube, or embed it on a web page and all from your iPhone device!

This is a revolutionary time. That’s why I get so giddy talking about the iPhone.  Because it is inexpensive and easy to use with the right guidance!

One of my YouTube Revealed members Bob Cockerham is using his iPhone in a really awesome way:

He has a car dealership, and every person who buys a car, before leaving the lot records a quick video about his or her experience using Bob’s iPhone!  Every day Bob uploads that video to YouTube for instant viral reviews. That video is used almost like a survey (rate us, how did we do?) The customer can decide to leave it or not! This works like Gangbusters for Bob. Quoting to me that in 2012 after implementing this strategy their profit margin increased by 600%!

Taking what can be done with an iPhone and coupling that with the power of YouTube as a marketing platform creates GOLD, seriously GOLD.

And here is My Video Secret Weapon that I mentioned:

Jules’ iphone Video Hero

I grabbed this course a few months ago and it literally changed my video creation and marketing strategy!

And yes, that is when I started acting iPhone crazy and preaching all about the iPhone!

I also had an android at that time and quickly switched over to an iPhone after learning the training.

I was hooked.  (Because I didn’t have to freak out about expense or quality.)

Jules iPhone Video Hero became my Video Marketing Secret Weapon.

Jules taught me in the training course (which incidentally follows on from the report I sent a couple of days ago ) everything you need to know for creating some of the BEST video’s you’ll ever see online… using just your iPhone, some cool apps and a few bits of inexpensive gear.

It’s BY FAR my most favorite course this year on the topic!  Because the course is not only SUPER informative but also a ton of FUN.  He actually makes the course a breath of fresh air.  It is priced amazing (he could have sold it for $997 I think) and totally not overwhelming at all.  Plus the course goes into detail on not just shooting video with your iPhone but also how to have professional quality lighting and sound for any and all video creation.  Especially if you are on a budget!

I should also mention that Jules just recently added even more awesome content as it relates to shooting with the iPad, iPad Mini and iPod Touch.  (You know people are going to be picking up the new iPad 4 this Holiday.)  This course is an awesome addition to those Mac enthusiasts.


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