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Where Does A Business Begin With Video?

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Casey Zeman

The biggest question I have found people ask is this:

“Casey where do we begin with video? “

Well this might not be as obvious as you might think.  Do you go straight to YouTube?  Do you start creating random videos just to create content?

Here is the thing.  Content is, as they say, king!  Well I say, Original Content that is!

And I believe that Video is perfect for creating that original content.

Primarily because:

A.  It is a process that now takes very little time to do.

B.  It can be more consumable then a long dragged out Article.

C.  There will not be any confusion as to whether the content is original content.  (if someone makes a spoof video, they can copy a video’s exact script but add a different situation and it would still be new and original content.)

Based on these three, video is a perfect tool for content creation.

The first step in Video/Video Marketing is deciding how you want to use it!

Do you want to create a:

  • Sales Video?
  • Testimonial Videos?
  • Product Demo Video?
  • Instructional Videos?
  • Interview video?

Making the choice of video content based on the “Why” of your business is the FIRST step in your video marketing decision.

The first step in Video:Video Marketing.001

Maybe you want to use ALL OF THE ABOVE in your video marketing efforts?  Honestly this is what I would suggest.  I would start thinking of video as the backbone of your marketing message.  The connection point between you and your audience.  The feelers you put out there to know what your audience is thinking, and how your audience can know what you’re thinking.

Video becomes a window into your business, it’s message and the transparency of that message.

Stay tuned next week when we break down each video type and the force that each one unleashes in your business.

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