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I made this resource list for you because so many of you were asking about the tools I use on a daily basis. I hope you get great benefit out of this list. No need to go out and purchase everything on the list, just add to your toolbox as you grow. Most of these options are extremely affordable and work just as good as the gear you would find in a television studio. Enjoy… Share… Comment.


Front Facing Cameras

  Logitech C920 with widescreen lens – works with both PC and MAC – Good for livestream and video – $60-$70


  iphone w/Olloclip
  Canon Vixia HFM50 – Full HD 10x Image Stabilized Camcorder
  DSLR camera for awesome depth of field and a cinematic feel 

60D – Flip out screen – $800 new, $500 used
T4i – Flip out screen – $600 new, $300 used
T3i – Flip out screen, more lenses – $600 new, $400 used

D5200 – Flip out screen – $797 new, $500 used
D7000 – Shoots in extreme weather – $897 new, $600 used
D3200 – More lenses – $597 new, $397 used

DSLR Drawbacks

  Sound mixing can be an issue
  Most DSLRs don’t have an auto-focus for video
  Can only shoot for about 20 minutes before vewfinder gets overheated
  Uses a limited memory card


  Audio-Technica Wired Lapel Mic – great for FAceTime videos – $20
  Rode Smartlav + Mic
  Sennheiser Wireless Mic – great quality, more expensive – $600-$700
  Rode NTG2 – Preferred Mic – $250 – Read reviews and check the specs – Great for filming at a conference
  Desktop Mics – for Webinars
  Blue Yeti – for both Mac or PC – $115
  Blue Snowball – $60-$90
  Desktop Mics  – for Podcasting, screen capture, videos and more
  Heil Microphone – Great quality, more expensive – $327 mic, $120 stand
  Mixers and Audio Recording
  M-Audio Fast Track ProMixer
  Zoom HZ and H4 Recorder

  With a sound mixer:  Mic XLR cord goes into the mixer; USB cord goes from mixer to computer


  Cowboy Studio 2275 Watt Digital Video Continuous Softbox Lighting Kit with Boom and carrying case
  2 light stands
  2 soft boxes
  1 boom
  Backdrop – I personally don’t use a backdrop as I like depth, but if you need one:
  Muslin backdrops in white, black, or green.  Come in kits and easy to find


Camtasia (PC)
Screenflow (Mac)
Both are good for tutorial, webinar, editing video


  1.  iphone 6+: Free (I already had this)
  2.  Olloclip add on lens:  $80
  3.  Rode Smartlav + Lapel Mic:  $80
  4.  Selfie Stick:  $16
  5.  Breet Cell Phone Clip Holder: $9
  6.  Screenflow software:  $100

Total:  $285 for filming with HD camera/phone

  7.  Heil Mic:  $327
  8.  Heil Boom:  $120
  9.  Sound Screen:  $20
  10.  M-Audio Fast Track: $100
  11.  USB cord:  $5
  12.  XLR Mic cord:  $7
  13.  Cowboy Light Kit:  $170

Total: Around $1300 for phone and desktop

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