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Casey Zeman

If you are a coach, consultant or service based business…
I have 4 REDHOT strategies that we recently put into effect for
a high-end client that works like gangbusters.

So without further ado:


‘Conversion points’. Is that a phrase? I think now it is! LOL

One of my personal coaching clients who does about 150-200k a
month wanted to push to the 500k a month.

We had a call and from the call, we figured out a game plan to improve their show up rate to their webinars, and moreover a way to keep their peeps on the webinar till the end.

The interesting thing is that this isn’t always cut and dry.

This takes a deep dive of understanding what
your audience truly can benefit from.
What will keep them there?

For instance. For this particular client…
they are doing high ticket sales calls from their workshop.

And so these 3 particular strategies are for running funnels where automatically book up your calendar with super targeted & highly qualified leads.

Again, as a reminder. This client does really well already. So basically, we were looking to do tweaks that would create much bigger results.

So what were some things that could be improved?


Their workshop was too long. It was about 1.5 hours long. For a webinar that doesn’t sell directly from the workshop, it should be condensed down to about 30-45 min with a CTA of a strategy call.


This client was losing attendance during the webinar.

A big part of WHY was there wasn’t high enough stakes raised
at the beginning of the webinar to keep the attendees committed till the end.

For instance, there wasn’t enough of an anticipation
and expectation of what they’ll walk away with from the webinar.

Solving their Hell and moving them to their Heaven.

So we added a phrase…

“When you stay till the end, you’ll be able to:

1. Biggest pain solved.
2. 2nd biggest pain solved.
3. Biggest hope.
4. 2nd biggest hope.

But besides that, the big strategy was this:


The webinar had 25 minutes of content that
was actually an exercise that the attendee
could do interactively.

An exercise such as…

Step 1: Write these down.
Step 2: Now list out these 3 things.

(Please note, having your audience perform exercises during a webinar work like gangbusters because by the end the exercise, an outcome of their biggest pain points should be revealed.)


Because the client was getting people into sales calls,
we decided to change the CTA to not just a strategy call,
but an audit of the exercise they just spent time doing.

“By the end of the webinar, you will get a personal critique and input on the work you did during the workshop.”

This, of course, makes the strategy call more personalized and sets an early expectation as to why they should stay to the end. It also helps to convert more of these serious peeps into becoming clients.

“If you stay to the end of the workshop, we will be personally giving you feedback from the exercise you’ll be doing during this workshop that will help you solve x. If you are serious about finally getting clear on x, stick around.”

Cool eh!?

Ok onward!




One more thing we did was had them add a
testimonial early in the workshop of results
someone had from their process.

Basically, right after mentioning about staying till the end to get the audit, share…

“What you will discover and get clarity on today has transformed people just like you. Such as [Ideal Customer Avatar Person x] who was struggling with x, y, z without a clear end in sight, but after they learned the strategies I’m going to show you today, they were able to overcome those hurdles to achieve [highlight life-changing results].”

You see, what most people do is wait until the very end of the webinar to highlight case studies or results. When in fact, the name of the game is to entice your audience early…and tell them WHY they need to stick around.


Any thoughts or questions?

This is one conversion point out of
a few as it relates to a webinar funnel.

What are the other Conversion Points?

Well, I go more in depth on that in my workshop all about how to
automatically book highly qualified and vetted clients using my special
webinar & TribeMinded method.

I have a short but impacting workshop you can watch that goes into detail.

(P.S. There is also an opportunity to get on a strategy call with me after the webinar.)

If you are a service business, coach, consultant, expert, advisor or marketing professional, this webinar might just be the most transformational event you come to this year. (I don’t say that lightly.)

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After you watch the webinar, get on a call with
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