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How to Package Your Services and Sell High-Ticket Coaching

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Do you want to learn how to create a high ticket offer to scale up your service business and free up your time?

If you’re like most service providers, the answer is a resounding yes! I’ve been there, it’s not easy learning how to grow and scale your business at the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey.

Oftentimes, I see entrepreneurs get in the habit of continuing to onboard new clients because they want more revenue.

But at the same time, they’re beginning to overpromise and underdeliver. They want to make more money but don’t know the steps to quit trading their time for money.

I constantly see entrepreneurs and coaches get on this hamster wheel of trying to earn, earn, earn.  But almost always, I see them get stressed out, lose any form of balance, and are constantly feeling overwhelmed.

Sound familiar?

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If this sounds like you, that’s okay, its part of the process of growing and scaling your business. Even entrepreneurs with online courses struggle to scale without a high ticket offer.

With a few tweaks to your services, you can stop trading your time for money and find a solution.

So what’s the solution?

A high-ticket coaching program.

I talk more about it in this Youtube video below so you can learn the exact steps to go from stressed out and overwhelmed to massively scaling your business.

High Ticket Coaching Program 101

First off, what is a high ticket coaching program?

I like to think of a high ticket coaching offer as a $2-$5,000 investment you can offer clients for the best experience and results. Some of Easy Webinar students I have offer 5, 10, and even $20K programs. Think of it as the final step in your sales funnel.

This is an in-depth training and coaching program to help clients get massive shifts in their business. It’s not for people who want to dabble or aren’t 100% invested in themselves.

The difference between high-ticket coaching vs. someone buying a $200 course is the commitment. Clients willing to spend this much are your ideal clients who are willing to spend money and want you to help them solve a part of their business or life.

You might be thinking, what are the best types of niches for high-ticket coaching and services?

Honestly nearly any niche can create a high ticket offer by understanding what is needed in your market. Creating a high ticket coaching program is nothing more than providing a solution to your clients problem in the most efficient way possible. Some of the programs I’ve seen include fitness coaches, social media experts, course creators, and tons more.

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How to Package Your Services and Sell High-Ticket Coaching - Worksheet

Examples of High Ticket Coaching Programs

Let’s say you’re a service provider who is getting overwhelmed by taking on too many new clients and simply don’t have the time for each of them. You might notice your quality of work is getting worse or you’re working 80-hour weeks and know this schedule isn’t sustainable.

I recommend creating a product or a training program that ranges between $3,000 to $5,000.

Instead of something that is “done for you,” it’s now “done with you.” You’re actually helping clients learn the skills themselves during the process.

You can add elements of coaching by setting up a membership site, training videos, or maybe 1:1 calls. Then, each week, you can also have weekly group calls to help solve individual problems and add even more value to your students.

By having a high ticket program, you can still offer your original services business but at a much higher price. In fact, you can require all of your clients to go through your coaching before they can even work with you. Now you have a fundamental program of $3-5K and have another level where you provide even higher service.

Offering both programs will help you free up time, charge more for your services, and ensure you’re working with your ideal clients.

How I Created a High Ticket Offer

One of my offers is Elite Webinar Mastery.  EWM (Elite Webinar Mastery) was designed to clear the confusion about webinars and put clients on a fast track to webinar success!

Elite Webinar Mastery-1

This program is a webinar program for anyone looking to profit from both live webinars and automated webinars. It was created for a coach/consultant, product creator, or service provider. This program will give clients the strategies needed for creating webinars that attract, acquire and earn revenue.

The content is consumed in a membership area with modules that have been broken down into bite-sized digestible videos which can be watched at their convenience.  There are not only video tutorials, but also assignments, downloadable action checklists, funnel templates, training PDF’s, supplemental documents, visual guides and more.

Plus, I also offer a highly engaged Facebook group, previously recorded sessions that are basically group coaching training, hot-seats and live Q & A’s.

However, I have a program above that one called The TribeMinded Marketing FastTrack Program.  It is basically a 6-week coaching program designed to get you a high ticket webinar funnel up and running selling your programs for nothing less than 3k a piece.  This program is much higher touch and get’s my clients’ all-access pass to EWM and 1 year of EasyWebinar for free but also 1 year of weekly coaching.  .  

If you’re a service provider, start asking yourself how you can offer a similar coaching program to help you scale up your revenue and time.

Digital Course to High Ticket Coaching

Let’s say you’re not a service business but actually a product creator. If you already have a digital course from $97 – $500, then you’re in the perfect position to create a high ticket coaching offer as well.

In fact, if you’ve already spent the time creating the course so the hardest and most time intensive part of the process is complete. All you need to do now is ramp up touch points, add some other accountability lessons, and then pitch the coaching programs as an additional option.

By adding a coaching element, you can charge much higher prices but also help clients get better results. While I love the scalability of online courses, I know that a large percentage of people buy online courses and never follow through. Or they take bits and parts but don’t see the changes they need because they didn’t go all in.

This is where a high-ticket coaching program can bridge the gap with results as you provide additional coaching and accountability.

How to Create Your Program

If you have an online course and don’t have a group coaching, you’re missing out on a big chunk of revenue every month.

Here’s how you can easily set one up:

First, decide what type of program would be the most helpful for your audience. I recommend anywhere from a 6-week to 10 or 12-week group coaching program. Anything longer than 12 weeks is generally too long of a commitment for most people.

Once you narrow down your time frame, figure out what other services you can provide. Is it weekly calls on EasyWebinar, a membership site with past videos or something else? You want to make sure you offer enough value for your high ticket coaching. It’s always best to overdeliver but also oversimplify…when charging $3-5K or more for your program.

Don’t get freaked out over price either. Remember, people that pay more money “pay attention.”

Charging a higher amount will help you work with ideal clients who are the most committed to success. Remember, your goal is to help students speed up success!

Final Thoughts on High Ticket Coaching

Whether you’re a service provider or a digital course creator, you can and should have a high-ticket coaching program. By adding this element to your business you’re making it much easier to scale and grow your business.

Think about what you could do with all that extra revenue?

You can grow your team, run more ads or simply spend more time with your family as you will have more time without sacrificing income.

I challenge you to start thinking about your own business and figure out how you can best serve your audience. If charging this much scares you, feel the fear and do it anyways. By leveling up, I’m confident you can deliver and help clients achieve the best results.

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How to Package Your Services and Sell High-Ticket Coaching - Worksheet

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