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The 3 stages of Video Creation For Lead Generation

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Lead generation is always the big white elephant in the room that few people understand or have.  To tackle this beast, lead generation can very effectively come from content creation.  But what content do you create?  And when?

It is no surprise that video is the best way to produce content that can be wide spread online.  Plus video can be re-purposed to create all types of education based marketing.  However you might not have a super clear idea as to how it can work.  Here we cover the 3 stages of video content creation + a few cool marketing scenarios that could really get your lead generation PUMPING!

(At the end of this article you will learn about some powerful training that will show you just what types of video you should create in your business and when to use them.)

Concept and Development: This is the idea stage where you put your ideas to paper and determine what you want your outcome to be for the video.  You will also determine where the video is going to be highlighted.  This of course depends on where your audience is hanging out.

You will also at this stage write out your scripts, decide who is going to be needed to produce your video, and of course, this is the stage where you determine your budget and ultimately what the costs are going to be.

Execution and Implementation:  You’ve conceptualized and written out the script and now you are ready to shoot.  On the day of the shoot you rush to fix issues as they come on that day to get the job done.  You have your needed crew or animators or whomever else is there to help with the creation.  At this phase you will also work on the editing of the video, and truly streamline the message of the video to align it to what you hope to achieve from it.

Video Delivery and Marketing:  You now have the video asset.  It’s time to get that video asset out into the world strategically based on your goals.  If it is an ‘About Video’ describing a new product, that video can live in many places.  On your website, inside YouTube, and embedded all over the Internet to spread the message and brand.

Have consistent and obvious calls to action in the video outlining a desired outcome. 

Marketing plan 1:  Connect with other creators or people in vertical niches to promote your video content.  Use paid advertisement through YouTube, Google, and Facebook to get the video more exposure.  Find bloggers that are in your niche to spread the message through you creating the content and them syndicating it or doing interviews with them.  (if you don’t want to create the content, hire a ghost writer to write articles for you to then submit to those bloggers).  Another idea is have them do reviews about whatever your product is about.

Marketing plan 2:  Create more content out of the one video shoot.  Make your shoot count.  Get not just one video out, but 10.  Think of your main video (sales video or about video) as the leader video and the other videos as your dedicated gang (speaking on your behalf.)  Let those additional videos spread your message.  Let them also fill any holes that can be found in the main video.  Remember people generally go through 5-7 videos on average of you before really getting to know you.

Marketing plan 3:  Re-purpose your content.  Your video is at the top of the content creation eco-system.  Think of a trickle down re-purposing system.

From your video, you can take just the audio and use it in a podcast.  There are many pod-casting directory sites to share your content on:



Tune in Radio

Podcast Bean

You can also transcribe your video into text and use on your own blog, or even article directories (In 2013 there are still some good article directories to submit content to…such as:,,

Did you do a presentation in the video? Did you create a Power Point?  If so, take that deck and share it to Slideshare.  Also take that slide share embed code and consider embedding it on your blog, Facebook, or anywhere else that can accept the content along with say the transcribed video.

Take out key quotes and take away nuggets from the video to give to other bloggers and community members to share and tweet about.  Short sentences that can be copy and pasted to Facebook, twitter, Linkedin, Google+, etc.

FINALLY: Always, always, always bring everyone back to one place…one main place that keeps the party going and continues the nurture cycle.  The goal of the main site is to bring that lead deeper and deeper into your sales funnel.  From low price point to higher price point.  All the while continuing to provide valuable insight every step of the way.

Now that you can see how your videos can be distributed and syndicated, it is time to learn the best platforms to place them on, the types of videos to create and when to create them!  If you are interested in learning that keep reading!

I have a couple friends Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins who have created a course all about the 13 types of videos in your business and when to use them.  They also created a killer mindmap and PDF showing you just where and how to do this!

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Also please leave a comment below to let me know how you might be striving for more lead generation in your business!


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