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How to Make a Ton of Money Online…Without Tiger Blood.

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Casey Zeman

The Top 30 Ways to Make a Ton of Money Online Without Having to be a Winner with Tiger Blood.

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Let’s Face it, If you are not Charlie Sheen or one who conjures up a somewhat less drastic-still highly motivated and goal oriented (though not claiming to be on the “Charlie Sheen” Drug) version of him, then chances are you wont get many of your goals accomplished.

Luckily, there is a good percentage of the population who is in one way or another, “Charlie Sheen-esque.”

We might not be as eccentric with bulging un-contained egos as compared to Charlie, who, I think jumped the line of insanity a while ago (Although some would say his recent antics are deliberate, at which I reply a resounding, (Hell Yes), but in order to accomplish a goal or succeed in attaining a vision, one must hold a certain level of confidence and more importantly (in my opinion) ENCOURAGEMENT. I believe that the most successful people out there have this in spades.

Getting back to Sheen’s stunts…Does anyone else out there think his actions were purposeful? I don’t think Sheen was acting alone. I believe that the majority of his antics were ENCOURAGED by his very trusted consortium.

You see, everyone needs a sound board. Do you think Sheen’s sitting in his house saying to himself.  “Wow, I’m a Lone Dove.” No of course not.  He is certainly not alone. (he needs someone to understand his pain and plight) He has advocates and yes men-People that give him advice and encouragement.  His advisory or support group runs very large at this moment and sound board him every step of the way.

(And he is crazier then a Walrus on steroids…or Tiger Blood.)

Encouragement can go a long way…sometimes a bit too far in his case…but that is a topic for another article entirely…

~New Thought ~

A Movie came out this entitled “Soul Surfer”

The main character, Bethany Hamilton, is a surfer who endures a harrowing struggle to survive after a shark rips off her arm, causing her to lose 60 percent of her blood, while rescuers race against time to save her life.  It then focuses on the challenges she faces while attempting to return to the sport (surfing) that she loves because of it having been embedded in her family pastime and history.

What is amazing about this movie is the Never Give Up mentality this young girl has (At the time of the incident she was still a teenager). Despite her age, she never backs down and amazingly learns to adapt with having only one arm. She ends up ultimately persevering and a large part of her POWER was due to the level of Support and Love she was given within her Family. And although the movie is somewhat faith based, I never felt like I was being preached at. And in fact, in the contrary, I felt inspired by her actions (her Mission work in Thailand) and the powerful love the family shared.

She had encouragement to spare to find her way; her voice; and her life again.

….Without the use of “Tiger Blood” Charlie.

…She had something better; Faith.

Making money and a ton of it online takes Encouragement (a strong base of friends, family and supporters) , Faith, Commitment, Generosity, and Endurance.

Yes, you need a great IDEA as well, but honestly, many of us have great ideas.

The issue is that most ideas are not executed. Many of the greatest ideas just sit in limbo due to a LACK of Encouragement, Support, Confidence, and Love.

Fear can cause those great ideas to remain just that, IDEAS. Of course, until someone else thinks of it, then it’s regret that we didn’t act on the idea)

Online Success is Action, Timing, Encouragement, and Generosity.

You don’t have to be Charlie Sheen to be a Winner…although he would disagree with me…

If you have the fortitude and strength to have a serious level of action, trust and encouragement, then you will be a Winner.

And you don’t need Tiger Blood to DO it…Just Love, (cheesy 80’s Karate Kid Anthem Starts.)

This concludes your “How to Make a Ton of Money…without Tiger Blood” tutorial.


-Cheers, Shalom, Assalaamu Alaykum, Peace Be With You, Namaste

“I am on a Drug and it’s name is Charlie Sheen.”

~Charlie Sheen


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  • Great article Casey! A ton of inspiration here! And you are right we have great ideas EVERYDAY but we tend to talk ourselves out of taking action.

    Well atleast most people do.

    I did skip over the Soul Surfer part since I want to watch the movie LOL

    Joshua the ZamuraiBlogger

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