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How To Get More Sales For Your Products

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Casey Zeman
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One Top Tip for getting more sales if you sell products or services

If you sell products or services, you are always focused on turning interested parties into paying customers. Here’s a great tip on how to engage a potential customer from your funnel and have them begin the journey into your “Know”, “Like” and “Trust” factor.

After someone registers with you, one of the best things you can do is to share an asset that shows your credibility and engages them. If you have an asset like a podcast where you were interviewed, consider linking that interview and highlighting it in your Thank You Page.

By including this interview, you are building up the “Know, Like and Trust” factor for your business very early in the funnel.
An interview is also a great asset that can be used as social proof. Add the interview as a post in your Facebook ads by driving people to a place where they can consume your content first, THEN you can drive them to sign up for your list.

This is a pretty simple tip, but most people aren’t taking advantage of the leverage they’d gain by doing it.

Remember, it’s OK to send someone outside your own site – especially when you are getting an opportunity to have people watch or read your material and begin to like you and get interested in what you are doing.

Another asset option is to create YouTube playlists. String several videos together so people can view your content and get excited about your products or services even before they buy.

Were you featured in an article? That’s another quick asset you can develop into an engagement link.

Casey’s Super Tip: Don’t have an interview yet? Getting someone to interview you is easy when you assure them they will have a link in your funnel! You both benefit!

Your Homework: Make a list of interviews or assets you own that have great content. Then create an engagement funnel over several days or weeks with links to show your content before you even ask for a credit card. You’ll have brand new excited customers that will share your products or services with others in their circles!

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