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These 5 Words Can Kill Your Success (1)I just consumed a bit of content from a very smart marketer named Jeff Walker. He talked about five words that can kill your business.

Here they are: “Can’t-Work-In-My-Business”.

I believe that we create a limiting belief that some things can’t work in our business. We’ve all said something works for someone else because of x, y, z, but not for me. By doing so, we put ourselves in this bubble and we don’t allow ourselves to expand.

Casey’s Super Tip: There are going to be occasions when you do NOT want to do what other people are doing. If your values don’t line up with them, that’s a difference you don’t want to adopt.

If you’re seeing what other people are doing and they’re succeeding at what they’re doing, that’s a good indication that it’s a structure you can base yourself upon. What I really love about what he said was that he wasn’t applying it specifically to his business, but more so on a meta level.

If you’re not looking at what’s working for other people, it’s going to stifle your growth.

These are the 5 Words That Can Kill Your Success.001

Now, I’m a firm believer that you should build your business on your own terms, but you should still learn from other people. You should still look at how my niche can apply to your niche. If you say it won’t work, then it won’t work because you have a limiting belief. You’ve put it upon yourself that it won’t work. Start thinking outside the box about how something you see can relate to your business.

You have to give into the concept that an idea could work.

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