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Daily-goalWhile in Michigan celebrating my dad’s 70th birthday, I was in the middle of writing a toast for him and began thinking about reaching goals in life.  He’s met many of his goals, but there are still some that he wants to accomplish.

As I began reflecting on this, I realized what an important question this is. So, I ask you, What is your Big Goal in life?  Is it a financial goal? A place you’d like to travel? A job you want to obtain? Or does your goal involve impacting people?


I would hope your goals would involve impacting people in some way.

My personal goal is to empower people to find their own voice and to communicate their own passions and dreams.  I want to be able to facilitate that as best I can to help them along their way.

If that’s my Big Goal in life, then everything I do is working toward that goal – whether I create software, speak on stage, or inspire people to go out and do it themselves – all these elements work toward empowering people.

I started out as an actor – unfortunately, a broke actor.  That meant I was constantly working for other people as I tried to meet my financial needs. But I really wanted to impact people immediately, so I began to work on my own business.

After some introspection, I realized that in acting, I truly desired an emotional response from people.  So I transferred that desire into my business and it has inspired me to create the products and community that I now share.  I am always so grateful when I receive an emotional response from those who are helped by what I offer.

A listener to this Periscope episode had the goal of wanting to bring every opportunity he could to his daughter. That is indeed a fantastic Big Goal in life.  When your children see you working diligently to reach YOUR goals in life, it encourages them to do the same and then you’re both doing it together. That instills such a sense of self-empowerment.

Do You Know Your Big Goal In Life? .001

In determining your Big Goal, ask yourself these questions:

What are the problems you want to solve?
What is your story?
How does your story relate to what you do?
How can you impact people?

So I ask again, What is your Big Goal in Life?  Are you impacting people?  Are you prioritizing your activities so that they are all helping you reach that goal?

I hope you are motivated to spend some time to think about this question and allow it to influence your actions both now and continually through the future.

What is your BIG GOAL? Tell me below and let’s discuss.

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