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How to Build Trust and Get Your Clients Results

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Casey Zeman

We live in a very results-oriented world. Everyone wants results, usually with minimal effort.

People want to lose weight, make money online, and find their passion. And they want these results quickly.

If you’re just starting your business and want to help others, I’m sure you want to share your results as well. You probably want to tell them how your product can 10X their business. Or how your coaching services can help them lose weight or find the relationship of their dreams.

It’s only natural, you’re an entrepreneur. You want to show your skills, inspire, teach, and positively impact others. But at the beginning of your journey, it’s easy to feel like your results aren’t big enough to really matter.

I’m here to tell you that the exact opposite is true. Your future clients actually want to see the entire process of your success. Sure, people like to read about one-off stories about entrepreneurs making $100,000 a month. But most of your audience wants to see smaller results first.


Because showing massive results to your audience isn’t always relatable. They might feel like the gap from where they are to where you are is just too big to overcome.

This friction with your audience will lead them to not taking action. And inaction will make them feel stuck and in turn, never become part of your tribe. I talk about results more in this video:

Why You Need to Relate With Your Audience

When you’re selling a product or building a tribe, you have to be relatable. If people can’t relate to you or one of your successful clients, good luck. People need to find something to relate to you about.

A good example is my webinar company, Easy Webinar. We have some clients doing $20,000 in sales per day while others are only doing a few hundred dollars. It’s easy to think the $20,000 is much more motivating to potential clients. But in reality, a majority of my audience just wants to sell an extra $300-$500 per day.

Imagine if you want to make $500 or $1,000 and you see someone making 20X your results. it’s really hard to relate to them. For some, this is motivating as they know what’s possible. For others, it can actually be demotivating and turn them away from your offerings.

If you’re doing this in your business, I recommend switching it up. Instead of just focusing on the big results, focus on the next level.

You have to give your audience results that they are confident they can achieve and make them want to take action. Remember, you can’t get to $100,000 a month without first making $1,000, then $10,000 and then $25,000.

Document The Journey

People won’t always take your word for the results of your product or service either. That’s why testimonials, both written and video, are super helpful to sell your product or service.

With Easy Webinar we share all kinds of results, not just the clients killing it with $20,000 in daily sales. Some of the most successful coaches and influencers constantly show off different types of results. I do the same by sharing screenshots of people succeeding at all different levels.

This will help broaden your market and attract the right type of clients. It’s important to show case studies and testimonials for clients at different levels of success.

Don’t just show one massive result and expect to bring in a ton of clients. You want to be able to show your future tribe members how you can help them along the journey.

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Create a Value Ladder

If you’re just starting out, you might only have one or two products or tiers of service. But as you grow it’s important that you offer different options for your clients to grow with you as well. This is known as a value ladder. A value ladder is an amazing way to offer different products or services to existing clients.

One example is what I do with Easy Webinar as we have three different options. The first one is a more beginner type of service for people just getting started with webinars. Then a middle option and an enterprise level. Each one is more expensive but also comes with more features and additional, more personalized support.

It’s easy to do the same for your business as well. If you’re a coach, you can have an intro course, intermediate, and maybe a high-level mastermind. The first option might be 100% automated, while the high-level mastermind is more intensive and expensive.

Remember, not everyone starts at the same place. Each person needs different levels of support to reach their goals. If you’re doing it right you can get someone in on the first tier product and progress them throughout your value ladder.

Once they see results, they are much more likely to continue buying from you as well. They have already seen the results and have built a relationship with you. This is why it’s crucial to have several products or services.

Be Proud of The Results

Even with the best sales page and enticing call-to-action, people want to see results.

You want to make it clear to people just learning about you that your clients results are the number one priority. People want results more than anything else. They want to speed up success by purchasing your product or service.

Be proud of the results that you can deliver. Don’t feel like you have to be making six-figures a month before you share with the world.

As Peter Drucker said, “Effective leadership is not about making speeches or being like; leadership is defined by results, not attributes.” Focus on the results, no matter what size, and lead your clients to the result they crave.

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