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3 Guaranteed Ways to Share Your Unique Message With The World

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Casey Zeman

Are you struggling to find your own unique message for your audience?

When you’re trying to find clients and build a community, it’s easy to get lost in the noise of social media. Plus, there’s so much content it’s hard to stand out in your own unique way.

Often times, most beginning entrepreneurs enter the market and try to shout their message and hope an audience will resonate with it. In reality, it’s nothing new they’re sharing but just repeated information over and over again.

This communication strategy will never work.

If you’re trying to be the next Elon Musk, Tony Robbins or Steve Jobs, you have to have an original message. You can’t repeat the same thing everyone else is doing.

I talk about finding your own unique message in this Youtube video:

How to Find Your Audience

No matter how good your message is, if you’re showing it to the wrong market you’re going to fail every single time. You need to find your own unique message, identify your ideal client, and start attracting them.

Here’s how you can do it:

Begin By Looking Inside Yourself

Before you start looking outside for answers I recommend looking inward. There’s no need to find your passion or search for your message externally. I believe it’s already inside you and it just needs to get brought out.

Every human being is innately creative, it’s about finding your inner creativity that will allow you to start attracting your ideal clients.

Before we get started, I suggest downloading my FREE worksheet about sharing your unique message by clicking the button below! 

Simple Tips to Find + Share Your Unique Message With The World

Here’s how you can go within to find your own unique message:

1. Find Your Passions

Ask yourself, what excites you most? You’re going to need passion to write, record, and share your message. If you’re not passionate, it’ll be very easy to quit and give up on your business when things inevitably get tough.

As the great Steve Jobs said, “You have to have a lot of passion for what you are doing because it is so hard. If you don’t, any rational person would give up.”

Focus on crafting your own unique message about what you’re already passionate about. Not only is this easier, you won’t have to act a certain way with your audience.

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2. Learn About Your Audience

Who are you trying to help? Who do you want to build a connection with?

Try to think from the perspective of your ideal client. What are they going through, what are their biggest pain points? You need to learn what keeps them up at night, what they want to accomplish, and how you can help.

The more clear you are on your audience, the easier is to create a product or service to help them. Once you know where their struggles, make a list of what you’re already good at so you can best serve your audience.

List out these skills, ask friends, and look at what’s worked for you in the past to create solutions for your audience.

Ask Your Audience

When it comes to finding the right message, sometimes you need to simply ask your audience. Even if your email list is 50 or 100 people you can learn a ton from them as they are already part of your tribe. I do this regularly by surveying my clients with emails asking them how I can help.

This does two things. The first is creating content around your audience’s needs, not your own. Secondly, doing this market research is crucial in developing products that don’t flop. There’s nothing worse than spending months creating a product that falls flat once it’s launched.

Not only will you learn what your audience wants, but you’ll also protect your time and money from creating something that doesn’t sell. A great idea is to even make a pre-sale page before you’ve created anything.

This ensures there is a demand for your product. Plus, it will give you the motivation to get it created sooner rather than later, so you can help your audience!

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Put in the Work to Get Great

As I mentioned in the video, there is an incredible amount of beautiful graffiti in LA. While it’s incredible, it easy to forget how much work it takes. You have to remember they had to have an experience to make it happen.

They didn’t just wake up one day and tag a beautiful project. The same goes for your creating your own unique message. You have to put in an extraordinary amount of work to make it your own.

Like Malcolm Gladwell said in the book Outliers, “The 10,000-hours rule says that if you look at any kind of cognitively complex field, from playing chess to being a neurosurgeon. We see this incredibly consistent pattern that you cannot be good at that unless you practice for 10,000 hours, which is roughly ten years.”

Speed Up Your Success

Does it really take 10,000 hours to master your craft? Maybe, maybe not.

But the good news is that most people aren’t ready to put in the work for those 10,000 hours. Luckily, I know if you’re reading this, you’re committed to doing whatever it takes to become successful.

Here are a few strategies to help you speed up the 10,000 hours and achieve massive success in your business.

1. Keep Producing Consistent Content

The best way to define your message and learn what you’re trying to create is to keep pumping out consistent content for your audience.

Remember, you have to be willing to put in the work to get great. This could mean endlessly writing blog posts or Medium posts even if no one is reading. Or recording videos that get hardly any views on Youtube.

While it might frustrate you at times, this is the only way you’re going to get better. You have to refine your craft through experience and keep trying new ways to broadcast your message to the world. Quantity always leads to quality.

Before you go, grab my FREE worksheet about sharing your unique message. Just click the button below! 

Simple Tips to Find + Share Your Unique Message With The World

2. Always Be Yourself

With so much social media, it’s easy to try and be like everyone else to get the likes and followers. While it might help in the short term, it will never last. You need to be your 100% authentic self.

Your audience wants to get to know you, not a fake social media version of you. Vulnerability always wins!

Share your message, see what resonates with fans and keep making more of it.

Final Thoughts

Once you figure out who you are and what you’re passionate about, then you can craft your own unique message. After that focus on your audience. Keep putting out content, testing, and seeing what works.

Eventually, you’ll find what your audience is looking for and be able to replicate much easier.

Don’t try and avoid the work, know that it’s a process and you’re bound to fail along the way.

Remember to always keep the end user in mind. Constantly engage with them and ask them how you can improve so you can create the perfect message.

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  • Sage words of advice. Too many try to be all things to all people. Which really means you’re nothing to everyone.

    Be a sniper and zero in on your specific audience. This way you’ll use their words, their feelings, you’ll know their fears and you’ll be able to talk directly to them.

    It’ll be scary at first because you’ll think you’re missing out. Have faith and follow Casey’s advice.

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