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3-v-sustaining-tribeI’ve been consuming a lot of podcasts recently because I’m putting out a podcast about webinars called “The Webinar Lab.”

One particular person I’ve been listening to is Chalene Johnson, who has a podcast called “Build Your Tribe.” Now, as someone who has a brand called “Tribeminded”, I’m very interested in Chalene because of the information she shares. Just recently Brendon Burchard was a guest on her podcast. Brendon is a peak performance motivational speaker. Chalene asked how Brendon was able to build his tribe and he mentioned three V’s. It resonated so much with me. And it might resonate with you too, especially if you’ve already created a tribe. Here are a few things that might help you understand how you can keep connected with your tribe through the growth process.

These are the three v’s: vulnerability, vision, and value.  As someone who is a leader in your community, being able to convey these three things consistently is key.

Vulnerability – Don’t put up a shield.  Have you ever been on an email list that was mostly promotional and almost never personal? It’s okay to show vulnerability to your audience. If you’re not vulnerable, your audience will never be able to connect with you. I’ve always wanted to write a book called “The Stutterers Guide to Public Speaking” because so many people get really freaked out and feel like they have to become somebody else and not be their best them (who they really are.)

I’ve been there, I’ve been one of these people.  I have to work diligently at getting out of my own head sometimes. I’ve found that it’s better to show that you are learning just like they’re learning with you. Once you’ve had success, it doesn’t mean that we stop learning. In fact, success means that we’re obligated to continue to learn and push forward. No matter where you’re at, you’re always going to be facing some sort of struggle.  Be willing to share that struggle and you may be surprised at the good result.

Vision – Share it. What is my vision? I would like to help business owners build their own communities online through the power of branding, online video, live video, and webinars. One mistake I made in the past was hesitating because I didn’t trust my vision enough. Believe that your product is the right product, that you can succeed with it. I took a step back because there were other products on the market and I felt like I couldn’t compete with them. But you really shouldn’t look at it like a competition.

That mindset doesn’t apply when building a community and a brand. Some people are going to resonate with me more than somebody else and that’s how I can build my own business. It’s more based on my personality, yes also my product, but it’s based more so on how I connect and engage with my community and I didn’t trust that enough. So now I try to let you know that I’m seeking the vision of a successful tribeminded business and that I want to help you do the same.

By constantly sharing your vision, it allows you to attract people who are chasing the same vision. When people are attracted to the same vision, you can build a tribe.

Value – It’s the key to everything. You have to put out quality value. It doesn’t always have to be huge value, it can be something like what we’re talking about now. It can be something that you gained from someone else that you share with others. It can be tips you learn from your own experience.  Being able to give quality value can literally be a conversation that you have with your community about a small issue they may be experiencing today.

Now show your vulnerability, trust your vision and always give value. That’s the key to continuing to build your community, your tribe.

Casey’s Super Tip:  A lot of people make the mistake of building a tribe, but not communicating enough with that list. Communicate the three V’s of Vulnerability, Vision and Value. Show your tribe that you’re growing with them and watch it flourish.


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