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3 Steps to Build an Army of Advocates for your Product

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Casey Zeman
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Build LoyaltyIf you are looking for advocates, influencers, joint venturists and partners to promote you and your products, here are three things that will help you.

1. Provide value. If you want people to partner with you, you must make it worth their while. Your product must benefit them in order to keep them engaged with you.
2. Provide results. If your followers put your content into practice, it should produce results. Once someone sees positive results, they are much more likely to contribute to a new launch when you make it available.
3. Look to your list. Your list is your very best advocate.  It is chock full of people who are already invested in you and know you provide value and results. Don’t think you always have to look outside the very own circle you’ve created.

Here’s a great example in my business. Recently I reached out to a peer on Periscope. They had a product that I felt could benefit from my Easy Webinar service. I offered it to them and stayed in touch while they used it and we began to build a relationship. Because Easy Webinar gave value AND it produced results that helped their business, my new friend was extremely willing to share it with his circle of friends. That in turn increased my business and we continue to work together.

Casey’s Super Tip: Be willing to serve others and don’t ever place expectations on that service. Focus on building relationships and if you have a service that can benefit others, don’t be afraid to offer it, just do so without expectations.

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