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Fullscope – A Periscope Analytics Software Tool Has Launched

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Casey Zeman launch dayFinally,

… all the hard work has paid off and our newest software program is ready for launch. I went on Periscope yesterday and opened up enrollment into Fullscope to you, my faithful Periscope fans.

Fullscope is still in beta mode right now, but you can see the analytics of each broadcast you do.
– Top commenters
– Top heart givers
– Who stayed on and how long
– Know who shared

This is just a small part of the real power of this Periscope analytics software. You can view in aggregate mode to see an overall followers and how engaged they are. Or you can drill down into the broadcast level and see how each broadcast is performing against the others.

Periscope analytics are very necessary especially if you are using it for your business.

With our Fullscope graph dashboard you can finally see the overview stats of your broadcasts along with your TOP engaged users.  This information allows you to know your most engaged topics.  Filter your overview data by our proprietary Engagement Score, Most Viewed, Average Time Viewed, Comments, Hearts and More.

You will also learn how, where and why people are consuming your broadcasts.

I’m so excited that Fullscope is now in your hands to enjoy. If you want to participate in our beta program please go to to link your Twitter account and start enjoying true Periscope analytics.

Please let me know below in the comments how much you enjoy Fullscope!


Watch the replay of my announcement on Periscope:

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