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Casey Zeman

Hazzaaah, Woo Hoo, ‘Dance party USA’…

Because today is the day.  Like cue the drum roll, the club is open sort of day.

We have our bundle package of both FULLSCOPE.TV PREMIUM +

Watch this video below to learn more about Fullscope and the premium level.

Right now, we are also running a special to get access to Fullscope Premium for a limited time which includes my new course ‘OnlineBroadcasts’.  We’ve extended this launch up until the time that we are moving over to the final price very soon!

Before that time you can get access to Fullscope Premium for a one time payment for lifetime access which gets you access to future upgrades and updates of this level.  This level will be at a minimum of 127 a month.  This level also includes access to our Snapchat integration and more.

Learn more about OnlineBroadcasts by clicking here.

Watch the webinar we did just the other day about it!


We wanted to introduce you to Fullscope Premium (Continue reading for more info) 

For those who aren’t sure what it is.  Fullscope.Tv is tool that my team developed that can give you the MOST detailed analytics around your Periscope broadcasts. Not only from knowing who exactly is coming in (and being able to reach out to them after) but also the actions they perform during the broadcasts.

You can know your most popular viewers on not just individual broadcasts but over a range of broadcasts. Here are a few ways that some of our users are using Fullscope.

And here are a few brands and individuals who use Fullscope…(out of 10’s of thousands)


Today, I am super humbled by the amazing group of users who get on Fullscope every day…and super excited to announce that Fullscope Premium & my new program OnlineBroadcasts is now available…to a very select group of people…namely YOU. This NEW course helps you to navigate the new & relevant waters of live video, social and webinars today!!! By the end of this course, you will (if you haven’t done so already) have:

1.  Started broadcasting into one of the core live video applications we suggest.
(Remove the clutter just focus on a few)

2.  Began to grow your community faster than before using the unique strategies you learn from OnlineBroadcasts.

3.  Started to build your email list through these live video platforms as well as tapped into growing your client base, coaching students, and sales.

4.  Figured out and implemented one of the best online funnels for lead generations and sales on the planet!

OnlineBroadcast was done live as a high end MasterMind training…and now I’m happy to say, you get to experience it as well. NOW, What I’m extremely excited to announce is that for the first time ever and for an extremely limited time, you have an opportunity to get…Fullscope Premium early as a bundle package where we’re including OnlineBroadcasts as well!

What is in Fullscope Premium?

As of now, Fullscope is now hosting and has analyzed 1,000,000 of your broadcast videos. We have about 3000-4000 broadcasts that are run per day with Fullscope. Now just image how many viewers are coming to those broadcasts…

As such we now want to give you the ability to finally LIST BUILD to those people who love you the most! Fullscope Premium has all of the cool feature that many fullscopers have grown to love, but now,

It can also:

Build Your Email List:

HOT: When someone adds their email into chat it will automatically add that person to any campaign you create with your favorite email provider. We have an api integration with MailChimp, Infusionsoft, Constant Contact, Ontraport, Aweber and many others.

Run High Converting Twitter Ads: 

HOT: Now you have the data to retarget your viewers via twitter ads right after a broadcast happens. This has been tested and we have seen conversions as high as 80% when using Twitter ads coupled with Periscope viewers. [This data isn’t available anywhere else. Not even by Twitter]

COMING SOON: Get Paid Doing What You Love:

Get paid doing what you love.  As an influencers, we want to add you into our directory for agencies and brands looking to work directly with influencers in a variety of niches. Taking part in our Influencer collective, any time a brand or agency is looking to do a campaign around your niche, we will make the connection for you and add your broadcast analytic data to the overall campaign to where you can get paid based on your level of real engagement, reach and broadcasting frequency.

Other Social/Live Video Platform Integration Like Snpachat:

As we roll in more live video analytics into Fullscope, you can be part of it.   We are currently working on cross platform data to show you what platforms give you the most bang for your buck for using the power of live video. Currently we have included SNAPCHAT!

Right now we are offering access to OnlineBroadcasts by itself, or as a bundle package with Fullscope Premium. 

Click here to check out the discount that is going on right now.

This is the lowest price both of these programs will ever be. In fact, coming into the bundle package of and OnlineBroadcasts gets you access to future updates and upgrades without having to pay anything extra for this premium broadcaster level. (This is a one time price)

Click Here to check out the discount now.

We expect to roll out Fullscope.Tv  to the public at around $127 a month for this level. Which, based on our research, is what other platforms are charging for essentially ad builder platforms with far less features than what we have!

The price will be increasing soon (depending on when you read this, it may have changed already) Learn more about the massive discounts and BONUSES we have right now for both programs! Again, this has been a long time coming and I am so excited to finally share it with you.


You will also find in one of the emails I am sending out a few bonus training links to 3 live workshops. So are you ready?


Look forward to seeing you inside.

Casey Zeman 
Founder of EasyWebinar & Fullscope.Tv
Once you come in I will be welcoming you in our Private Paid Members Only FB group.

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