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Your Fullscope account is closing soon and what to do about it

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Hosted by
Casey Zeman

So why am I writing to you today? What is this update?

Well this is probably the most important update that you will possibly get with to date. Ears perked? 

All accounts (Who aren’t the Premium members) who haven’t upgraded to the monthly maintenance cost of 20 dollars a month will be suspended and the videos will be removed.

The’s trial period is coming to an end.

Learn more by watching this video:

How do you upgrade?

Step 1:  Login to your account by going to

Step 2:  Click on the ‘Upgrade Now’ text on the red bar at the top of your account!


As you know

For the last 10 months we have made the product free to all who join including all of the analytics, the ability to create collabs and the video hosting and storage. Well, in an nut shell, we can’t afford the million+ videos we host and analyze without charging something.

Watch the replay webinar that shows the epic bonuses & Fullscope demo!

Since the beginning of many of you have said that we could very easily charge a premium cost for the non-paid level of due to both the analytics and the HootSuite style connection we give our users to their audience.

However, we opted to continue to gather data and give everyone a chance to use the tool for free!

I remember a user said at one point ‘Casey, what can we do to support you?’

And I said, just keep enjoying the tool, tell your friends about it and when it comes time to support us from a monetary standpoint, we would let you know.

Well, now is that time! 🙂

That is why we are requesting a low monthly maintenance fee.

In the next 2 weeks, if you are someone who has grown to love or someone who is interested in using it more…you can continue to use it uninterrupted for a small monthly investment.

Literally less than a dollar a day.  Essentially .75 cents a day. ($20/mo)

Now when you look at it from this point of view, and the fact that we have people using to land coaching clients,build their email list, run 100k campaigns, and even increase their business by running contests, .75 cents a day is nothing.

That is why in order to continue to use including all of the analytics, access to creating collabs, and video hosting, we are going to charge for it for the continued use at the level that it is at. (Yes you will have an option for upgrading later!)

When you upgrade you also get: 

(A $1900 Bonus package and access to a PRIVATE FB GROUP for members only!
Click here to check out that bonus list.)

Ready to go? Lock in Your Fullscope.Tv account today!



Oh Snap: When you come in, I am also going to roll in a
 $1900+ bonus package that includes:


  • The ‘Being There‘ Report which will give you a blueprint for getting your business ‘THERE’ where it needs to be. (Marketing Blueprint)(valued at $97)
  • The ‘Your Story’ Blueprint for understanding your audience, Brand Message and Sales Position! (valued at $97)
  • The ‘7 Point List Building‘ Script (valued at $97)
  • Access to the 5 Day Live Video Challenge Training. (valued at $97)
  • ‘The New YouTube’ Series:  Become a YouTube partner within 3 hours, optimize your videos and use YouTube to bring in engaged traffic + Set up for doing live stream public and private)  (Valued at 197)
  • ‘2 Hours of Screen Capture Training’:  How to record your screen to create trainings and presentations designed to engage, educate and make you money!  These can then be added to your EasyWebinar automated funnel. (valued at 297)
  • ‘Full unedited Interviews’ With Rick Mulready, John Lee Dumas, Jason Caruso.Hear them share their best tips on paid traffic, organic traffic and  live and automated webinars strategies for producing more income (valued at 197)
  • Webinar/Presentation IMAGE BUNDLE’:  Over 250 hi-resolution quality images for your presentations, videos and events. (Valued at 297)Plus:
  • Learn how to find top clients through the power of LinkedIn. With expert Los Silva.  Video training  (Valued at 197)
  • How to drive traffic with Twitter, taught by Ms. Social Media herself,  Kate Buck Jr.  Audio Training  (Valued at 97)
  • LaunchStream’s Promo Video and Registation Conversion masterclass (valued 197)
  • Your promo video checklist script:  Which will help you to create  a high converting call to action promo video for your registration page  (valued at 97)
  • OnlineBroadcasts:  How to Live Stream Like a Super Hero event (valued at 197)
  •  How to Live Stream like a Hero Gear Checklist (valued at 97)
  • Access to our Private (Member Only Facebook Group)– Solving much of the world problems there! (priceless)


Just so you know, we will soon have other levels too, but at the moment we are rolling this one in to everyone who hasn’t upgraded to one of the previous Premium opportunities we’ve launched in the past.

Please Note:  For those who did purchased Premium (which will soon be called Business Influencer package) you will not have to pay the monthly cost for the ‘Periscope Broadcaster’ level.

You are grandfathered in to receive the Snapchat analytics we are also rolling in and more. 

For everyone else, you have essentially 2 weeks to either decide to continue to use,
or go in and download which ever videos you might want to save on your desktop or inside YouTube.

After the countdown ends, your account will be paused, and your videos removed, but you will still be able to still purchase in the future and re-activate your account, however, your previously hosted videos will no longer be available.

 Ready to lock in your account?

Go to and click through to upgrade using the bar at the top!


What is Fullscope? For those still confused?

Last year back in Nov. when we finally went live with, we saw a huge need and came in to fill it.

Since then, we have analyzed more than a million + periscope broadcasts and have seen 10’s of millions of live viewers come through your broadcasts. We have truly been able to witness what Live Video vs. Video means regarding engagement.

10’s of millions in just live viewer alone, not replay viewers. has been there as a tool for KNOWING YOUR PEOPLE. It has been a tool for figuring out who your audience is and staying connected with them! Hazzah!

 Learn more about by watching this video below!

Now let’s acknowledge the elephant in the room.

Did Periscope lose popularity? 

Oh snap…Well, yes and no…

I personally love Periscope, but even I was starting to use things like Snapchat, Instagram Stories more…not to mention Facebook live.

However, Periscope and Twitter have stayed pretty strong, in fact…now we are seeing an even bigger resurgence of more users and more importantly BUSINESSES & BRANDS are lining up to use it more!

With the coming and going of platforms like and others, Periscope has never wavered.  Their long game is paying off.

So if they ever did lose steam, they’re regaining it! 

As such, as an analytic and marketing platform for Periscope has been a tool that many people have grown to rely on for their ability to continue to essentially use Periscope for business.

Without knowing the engagement levels of your broadcasts,
you’re essentially shooting in the dark.

With you know:

  • Who comes to your broadcasts
  • How long they stay
  • How many hearts they send
  • If and where they share
  • Every viewers comments timestamped
  • How many followers are added from each broadcast
  • The overall FULLSCOPE.TV ENGAGEMENT SCORE each viewer gets
  • Plus the ability to send off tweets to all viewers whose Periscope accounts match their twitter accounts

Not to mention the overall stats of all your
broadcasts over a period of time! [Forest Through the Trees]

Bottomline…we’ve been told by some of you that you can’t live without because it is the tool that helps to justify the use of Periscope in the first place.


Finally, if you are still reading you must be a die hard and if that is the case, this is for you!

Are you someone who wants to get access to the coveted Fullscope Premium account?
(otherwise know as the Business Influencer Package)

We decided to extend that offer till we officially change our page and pricing. Click here to learn more.

As an FYI, if you decide to do the $20/mo you will have the option to upgrade later to the Premium version, just not right now.  And if you choose the Premium version, you won’t have to get the $20/mo package! 

    • Hi Jonathan, I really wish we could keep offering Fullscope for free. However, storing everyone’s videos on our servers is really costing us a good amount of money every month. That’s why we decided to keep the pricing low at only $20 a month. I hear you. If I could offer Fullscope and have it not cost my anything I would do that. Thank you for understanding.

  • Hello Casey

    Thank you for all the great work you’ve put out there for us all.
    I’m trying to learn how much is the monthly fee, and I can’t find it…

    I don’t have all that time right now to go over all the info here and I just wish to make a quick decision and move on, I’ll be back to your info later, as I’m running with due dates here.

    Thank you again

  • Hi Casey,
    I bought the Live Video Revolution Course from Joel Comm. He advertise Fullscope membership is free.
    How do I take advantage of this offer, as I am now expired from Fullscope

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