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John Lee Dumas Makes 16k in His First Week Using Automated Webinars

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Hosted by
Casey Zeman

Few people tap into the perfect equation. But John did.

John is the creator of the most successful Business Podcast in iTunes called Entrepreneur on Fire.

Voted best of 2013-14

In this interview john reveals the secrets to his success boiled down to 3 simple things.

Create Free Content
Valuable Content
Consistent Content

Those 3 things

Along with things he is doing in his webinars that allows him to do a consistent 20-30k a week on his live webinars.

Lets pull back the curtain and talk to John about his specific successes with EVENTS/WEBINARS!

My first session where he goes into detail on how he is using Webinars in his business


My second session is where we talk about the PROBLEM.  John was getting burnt out running so many live webinars. That is why I reached out to him to get him on an automated webinar.  Once we did, we scheduled it appropriately and then started to generate sales from it.  Within it’s first week of being live it was generating 16k in sales and continues to make John money every day.  In fact a recent article came out talking about how John’s Automated Webinar using my software EasyWebinar has the highest value per lead.  Read more about that article now by clicking here.



What do you think? Can you do Free, Valuable and Consistent Content?
And drive that traffic from that content into a webinar?
Leave your thoughts below !


Want to learn more about John’s strategy?

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What You’ll Learn:

  • Why Webinars/Online Events have taken over as the most high converting sales and engagement tool on the planet.
  • How and Why you can do terrible webinars, but still make money.
  • The 4 most profitable types of events for promoting your product and business. This 4 step system can quadruple your webinar promotion revenue.
  • The one simple strategy for leveraging webinars like our clients do to where they’re making 27k a month all the way to 20k a day. This is perfect for the busy & smart entrepreneur!
  • The 2 most important things needed for success with webinars and how you’ve basically been duped into not starting to run webinars in the first place. Truth: It’s not your fault that you haven’t run a webinar yet. It’s due to common misconceptions that we are going to bust.
  • How to take advantage of a killer opportunity that will give you clarity and all the tricks needed to dominate sales, list building and authority seeding with webinar.You’ll learn how you can copy our blueprints, strategy maps and funnels for creating a consistent marketing machine.But most importantly…walk away with the secrets to the most powerful sales funnels around.You ready?

If you are someone who has been wanting to leverage Automated Webinars and webinars in general (because you too have a full time job and family) than this webinar is for you!  (Just like Jason)


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Finally, do you want to learn more about how I/we helped others just like yourself get set up with creating automated systems?

Check Out Jason Caruso.

Check out Rick Mulready.

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