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Sneeze and YouTube Changes Their Platform-YouTube’s In Player Playlist

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Casey Zeman

Well, YouTube did it again! 🙂

In the last month or so YouTube has made even more changes, making 2012 literally their makeover year.

The most recent changes are in the admin section of YouTube, the home page, and so far my favorite change, YOUTUBE PLAYLISTS!

I’m trying to figure out why I am so in love with this Playlist change?

(And just so you know, if you go in and see that your playlist doesn’t look like this yet, like all of YouTube’s updates, they are rolled out slowly.)

I think that my weird obsession with the playlist layout comes from the fact that all the videos in a playlist can be found built into the player! Like chapters in a book.  And if you think about it, videos in a playlist are like chapters in a book.  Your playlist should have continuity and just like a good book, they should map a users experience through your businesses story.

The most recent changes feel like a deeper push into the full integration of Google Plus with YouTube.

Navigation wise, when you own a YouTube channel (which essentially now is defaulted when setting up a Gmail account) Google plus navigation tools and YouTube tools are found at the top of the page in a different place and in a new format then before.

Directly under the upload button you will find a drop down of 4 selections.

YouTube Navigation

The Video Manager will take you into all of your video uploads.  From there you can really go anywhere in the back office.

The Analytics takes you into all of the data and stats your videos have been collecting as they have been made public.  YouTube Analytics also can give you engagement data, such as likes, comments and shares.

The YouTube Channel link
will send you directly to your channel home page so that you can edit the layout and see things from the viewers perspective.

The PLAYLIST navigation will take you into the back office to where you can create and add your YouTube videos to specific playlists.

I am super excited to see what other YouTube updates are coming out. 

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And let me know, can you see your own video content being put into a Playlist or can you see them as chapters in a book? ( I’ll be picking one winner to receive my full book YouTube Revealed for free)


  • Casey – no one else keeps up with all the latest marketing methods, and updates, on YouTube as you do. Once again you’ve proven to be the best source for YouTube information. Thanks for keeping me up to day!

  • I’m intrigued with YouTube and the amount of traffic it gets. Our blog is looking into creating our own channel. Lots to learn. Would love your book. I can totally see them as chapters.

    • Hi Veronica, yes YouTube can astound with how many people are on it. What is your business if I could ask? Muy Bueno Cook Book? ( If so , cool niche!)

  • Casey Bro you are so ahead of me just got you from the bootcamp trying to catch up working on my channel. Please keep sending your delights or was that obsessions?
    Love the video so many changes it is hard to apply without an insider like you.
    Keep on Keeping on, Casey

    • Thanks Donnielyn, With all the changes, I have to keep the content flowing! Obsession- most definitely! 🙂

  • I am struggling with information overload. There are just so many possibilities in terms of awareness raising for whatever we are doing, business or otherwise. Trying to work out what to do first and what to concentrate on as progress is not easy. In fact for many organizations the issue is how to work out their priorities. The You Tube Channel, the blog, Facebook page, Twitter, Pintrest, sharing text, pdfs slideshows etc and the rest! There is more and more to consider using every month and the on top of that the existing channels keep on changing. It is a nightmare!

    How are we supposed to cope? Especially when you are one of those who struggles to believe that they know enough to go forwards. Thing is then you become someone’s dream client always hungry for more and more. Yet we can become so busy satisfying our own hunger that we struggle to help those we are called to serve. How do you become content with what you know or even are capable of learning in this world of ever increasing knowledge?

    • Hi Susan, first off let me just say, you are definitely not alone. I completely understand. For the longest time, I wasn’t using Facebook as much as I wanted to and then pinterest came out, and I thought oh no another social media avenue that will ultimately waste my time. I have come to realize that it is more so about Systemizing your business.

      Your ultimate goal to to get leads and sales. So there should be one place to filter leads to. Social media isnt where you send leads to, it is where you drive leads from. And if you want to focus on just one, that is absolutely fine. I use to spend more time in Linkedin.

      Unfortunately, I dont have as much time. There are ways though to integrate all of them together and send out posts and such that connect to everything. Things like hootsuite and a couple other bits of software can have your social media scheduled out. However I completely get it. I have found that brainstorming mind maps and scheduling social media into the day, along with content creation, customer service, meetings with your work team etc should all be put together in an organized fashion. Otherwise it can be overwhelming. The overall solution is to determine where your audience is and be there! So if your audience is on Facebook , go to facebook. IF they are on Linkedin be on linkedin.

      Also more importantly, social media isn’t really the goal, it is more a system that people have come to put together in regards to using it. As an example my Vid Traffic and Conversion Method, is taking parts of YouTube and driving automated traffic into an automated conversion tool. That is less YouTube and more a lead gen system using the power of YouTube.
      So in that regards, find strategy within social media, and not just social media in general.

      Here is a sidenote:

        I know plenty of people who don’t use any social media and do fine. IN fact those people bring in customers through their already existing customers and email lists. Never going to social media. Keeping people on their website.

      For me personally, I will still be using social media, because I use it as a tool for delivering content, housing discussions, and looking at the fun of my business. However understanding that at the end of the day, it is a business that I have created and instead of focusing so much on how to make money, i focus on what I can do to help to solve a solution in a marketplace that needs me. By doing that the product/service sells itself.

      Hope this helps Susan! Please do stay positive, just realize that your voice is heard by an audience who needs you.

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