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What are you doing from the 3-5th of April?  I am going to be at Creative Live’s San Francisco Studio for 3 days teaching all about the power of online events/webinars and video for building a profitable business and online community. Would you like to join me?

Whether you are an artist, expert, author, consultant, thought leader, product creator or service provider…having an online live stream show for driving in leads is crucial.

At this event I will be showing you what kind of events to create, the tools to create them and how to profit from those tools and events.

If you would like to join me in the studio for the 3 days April 3rd-5th I will be providing personal attention on your specific business and how online events can help you in your overall business.

This is definitely not for everyone, and only those who have a tangible idea of a business should apply.  The seats at this event are very limited.  The live audience is small compared to the 10’s of thousands of live stream attendees watching.

As such you will get personal one on one attention on your niche and business.  Again, I am looking for those who have existing business who want to leverage the ability of live stream events for success!

Again, who is this event for?

Anyone who has an Online or Offline business, Product or Service, Creative Business, Expert, Thought Leader, Consultant and Coach.

So if you’d like to join me for the event (as a studio member) click on this link and fill in the info!


Either way I hope to see you either in the studio or watching from your computer on the 3rd-5th.

Please Note: If you feel like you know someone who might be able to benefit from this event, please forward this article over to them!

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