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Big Results Summit Brings On Matt Wolfe-WordPress and Blogging

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Casey Zeman

bigresultssummitimageEvery business whether big or small has started to see Content Marketing as playing a key part in their engagement strategies for consumer communication.  With that said, having the tools for building your content hub and engine is TOTALLY crucial!
Which leads me to our guest of the Big Results Summit…Matt Wolfe.  Matt is a good friend who has been really making a difference in the online marketing space.  One of the true value givers.  I look at Matt as the WordPress Guru. (Creating a huge community of over 5000 people back in 2011) Well…

In 2013 Matt co-founded THREE new companies

That’s right… Many people build one company in a lifetime. In 2013 alone, but Matt launched LearnToBlog with partner, Bradley Will, he launched GigHopping with partner Joe Fier, and launched a social photography site called Togally with a large group of investors and entrepreneurs.  All of Matt’s companies are super successful, but LearnToBlog is the one that really catches my eye! Especially for anyone looking for a platform to promote their expertise from.  Matt is the guy who can get it done.


Check out the session below! If you want to know more on blogging professionally to establish yourself as an authority (while also bringing in leads through content marketing), register for the kick ass event happening Friday at 11am PST , 2pm EST (December 6th) to learn how YOU can earn 6 figures with blogging.  This  training is amaz…wait for it…ing!


Click Here to Register For the Next Event.



What has Matt used to leverage his business success?
  • Blogging
  • Being an Author
  • Being an Authority
  • Partnering with the right people
Want to learn How to Blog Like Oprah?
Come on through and join me, Matt and Bradley (Matt’s partner) on Friday at 11am PST , 2pm EST as they go even deeper into Blogging like a pro!




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