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Can you guess what show that song is from?

The Greatest American Hero!( I knew you knew it)
The_Greatest_American_hero_by_dichiaraI use to love that show as a kid because he was the WORST SUPER HERO EVER!  Or was he?

He would blunder around all the time, without really ever getting a hold of his flying or many of his other powers…

So why did I love him?

Because no matter what was thrown at his, he always tried with such assertion.

He allowed himself to look like an idiot because it was of less importance then helping those who needed him.

(Yes, he was afraid. Yes he knew he looked foolish, but the need to help out-shined everything else.)

And I personally loved him for that… Because, so often we strive for perfection…but ultimately use it as an excuse for not taking action… I’ve definitely done that…Self proclaimed perfectionist (to a fault).

BUT, in the more recent years I’ve started to change that philosophy.  I have been consciously deciding to take more risks…and accept failures.
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I use to be utterly risk adverse…no roller-coasters…no jumping out of airplanes…


When I was a kid I would intentionally work halfheartedly because, if I didn’t give something ‘my all’ and it failed…then it wouldn’t have been from my purest attempt at it.


I had that excuse for years! 
Well, nearing 40 (ouch…getting old)!  I’ve tapped into the shear beauty of failure.  Now I try as hard as I can and take risks even if it means looking stupid.  I have to say doing this has completely trained me to remove some fear from my life…or at least acknowledge fear, but take a LEAP anyway.
So what was the point of this post?  If you’ve been risk adverse or have let fear control your actions…it is all good!


We all do it…and the more I work online with other like-minded entrepreneurs and business owners,
I realize more and more that I am not alone….
So I wanted to highlight this weeks blunder…There is good and bad in the blunder itself…below is a post I left in my main Private Facebook group:
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“HI ALL ! THANKS FOR COMING TO THE EVENT YESTERDAY! So I put on the event yesterday with Easy Webinar. And I have some stats which were cool. So we had about 175 registered. 50% conversions on the registration page…(so 373 unique visitors) , 40% shared news on their social media sites (which brought in 10% viral traffic) and we had about 100 attendees watching inside Easy Webinar… and then another 45 viewers from YouTube/Google Hangout…So 57% attendee show rate/ 45 additional social viewers which ends up being (based on the number of those invited) an 83% show rate overall.

Also I had a flub that occurred during the event!…I unplugged the phone (vonage phone) during the event and it unplugged the internet..However because the page was still live I was able to start a new G Hangout and come back into the event. I lost some peeps but kept a decent number. Also in YT the 45 who were watching were lost, but Because I used the YouTube /live link in their emails (which works for the most updated Google Hangout…so even though I started another one , that link brought them in.) they could go back into their emails and restart the event.

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I suppose I could have not taken that risk and removed the chance looking foolish, or removing the criticism that I expected to get…
One guy said: “Your software had a bug…so I am not going to buy” (Of course I responded to him personally saying it was a human error)…or I could have taken the risk (which I did), provided a case study (which I have) and continued to PUSH things forward giving fear a kick in the butt!

Ok so with that said…

I wanted to announce a couple things coming around the bend. (like very soon)
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1.  Easy Webinar is re-launch! 
We have been adding in new features like gangbusters…
We are ramping up and are geared towards making Easy Webinar a full CRM solution for both doing live and pre-recorded events!


(If you are interested in supporting this launch, you can pre-pre sign up to our partner center!)


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2.  I have a new ELITE Mastermind Group that I am opening up.


This is an exclusive 100 person group. Why am I doing this group?  So that 100 people can get the hottest strategies for leveraging success from a thriving, nurtured and engaged community of fellow peers. (Access to this group is through application only and we are capping it at 100).  We only want to have people dedicated to helping others and their own business grow and prosper.  This will consist of weekly top end training, one on one training and more.  For more information check it out below.

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