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My Life = Burping, Feeding and Poopy-ness [So Can I Still Run a Business Effectively?]

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Hosted by
Casey Zeman
My life = Burping, Feeding and Poopy-ness.

Welcome to parenthood! 😉 lol

Baby Dale is officially 3 weeks old and back
home from the NICU. If you don’t know yet…


A quick recap. We had a baby girl 3 weeks ago. My wife gave birth while I was in Haiti visiting the 2 boys we are adopting…so these last few weeks have been a whirl-win.

They have also been some of the most challenging moments I’ve ever faced. For all you parents out there, you’re all my personal heroes.

Raising a baby (or any child) has to be one of the most difficult yet rewarding things out there…(you have the job of raising a good human).

But feelings of …’am i good enough?’ or
‘Am I going to screw this up?’ comes reeling in.

Especially when we still love work and what we do.

I have a lot of business goals that are
just as important to me as my personal goals.

So how can you balance both to where
they get your enough of your attention?

I’ve been in search of this ‘balance’.

However, what they don’t tell you is that you can never achieve it.

It’s like having a mantra that you write on your vision board above your desk. It is something you strive to achieve but never fully attain.

But that’s a good thing.

If you attained it, what would you do then?
You’d just have a newly revised mantra.

So instead of trying to find the balance in it…the mixture becomes 1 part ‘letting go’, 1 part ‘prioritizing moment for both and keeping a schedule’ and 1 part of ‘allowing things to be flexible and not beating myself up if I have to zig zag.’ Such is life.

Please note: This mixture can subject to
change based on your own circumstances!

So what is the constant?

Well even when the tides change, your internal core, heart and soul shouldn’t. Like the strong structure of a ship, the boat might take on water or have to change course, but ultimately the strength of it’s bones is what keeps it afloat.

Having a baby has been an interesting test of when I work and how to prioritize my schedule…because let’s face it, my schedule is based around our new baby. Even with a nanny coming soon.

So I’ve been having to adapt to how my time is spent. Decisions I’m finding are now more resolute. Plus I am focusing on the things I should do (high leverage actions) and allowing my team to do the rest. 20% of our actions can account for 80% of our income…so think about how that can play a factor in your day to day.

What high leverage actions can you focus
on in your business that will reap the biggest results?

  • For me…Webinars have been great. They have been the one thing that frees up more of my time and allows me to leverage automation and engagement to essentially teach more and sell more. (This is a 20% action) You can learn more about my first few terrible webinars that still ended up making me money and the journey/mistakes and ah-ha’s that I had online by clicking here.
  • Relationship building with prospective partners who I believe in. Getting behind certain programs that I have gone through which have helped me in my business is one of the easiest ways I can provide you value. I can’t teach everything, that’s why I find passionate, heart-driven and result based experts to help my audience achieve more in their day-to-day.
  • Being transparent. Although I have dropped the ball on delivering as much content as I had hoped to create since the baby came, I still feel that transparency and sharing your moments of both success and failure is a powerful element to building a know, like and trust. Especially as a personal brand.
  • Having a team that can be the engine to your business even while you’re inundated with other things. My team keeps us afloat. And we are always re-investing back into the business. That’s another powerful element. If you’re stingy about investing in your business, it will stay stagnant. That’s why I have made a new partnership this year which will allow me to execute more while working less. As a recovering perfectionist, it is hard to give up that control. But after a while you realize that sometimes you’re the bottleneck to your own success.

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What high leverage actions can you focus on in your business that will reap the biggest results?.001

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