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4 Business Blocks For Daily Productivity When Running An Online Business + [Why I Haven’t Made A Video In Awhile]

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Casey Zeman
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It’s been some time since I’ve created a new video.  In this post/video, I share a couple reasons as to why.

When running an online business, often times WE are OUR business.

Because of this, sometimes expectations or deadlines aren’t met, disappointments are had and there is sometimes negativity found in the business.  Well, it happens to all of us.  The bigger we get the more of a divide we create. In this video I talk about moving past obstacles, stepping out of boxes, and 4 BUSINESS BLOCKS that have helped me to be more productive during my BUSINESS/LIFE day.


*Have you ever had expectations that fell short in your business?

*Are you a recovering PERFECTIONIST…and does it seem like sometimes your expectations aren’t met?

*Have you ever lost sight of your productivity or had to extend a goal out?

*Do you take things personally in your business and can that distract you from your goals?

—-> If you answered yes to any of those, I am there with you. (That is partially what this post is about today)

In this video above I share 2 reasons as to why I haven’t made a blog post in some time and how this might relate to you.

I also share the 4 Business Blocks that I try and focus on to Increase Productivity during my Day.


Block #1 – “A Personal Touch”


Allocated time to this block: (30 Minutes to 2 Hours)

Everyday, I am thankful for the people in my community.  I don’t take them for granted…and as such, I want them to know that I am attainable, hearing them, and most importantly, helping them individually.

An online business is really the same as an offline business. (Except you communicate differently)…But the personal attention should still remain.

I’ve created a private Facebook group for my community and often I go in there and:

  • Answer questions
  • Post helpful tips
  • And talk and HELP where I can.

I also have a helpdesk where I do the same thing where needed.

This lets the individuals in my community know that I care PERSONALLY for each and every one of them.


Block #2 – “Growing the Business”


Allocated time to this block: (30 Minutes to 2 Hours)

This is where I focus on growth…and when I say growth I mean mostly…list building, traffic and conversion.

I say to myself,

“What can I do to increase my TRAFFIC and CONVERSIONS?”

So I will go into my stats to see how my Facebook ads are doing with generating leads.
I take a look at the stats and measure if there is anything I need to do differently in my business.

If I have to tweak a video, or tweak a landing page, or add a new email into a nurture sequence.
This block is devoted to looking inward and what I/we are doing as a business and what can we do to increase or improve our list building, customer retention, and engagement.


Block #3 – “Making Money (Earn Time)”


Allocated time to this block:  (30 Minutes to 2 Hours)

“Where is my next dollar coming from?”

That is what I answer in this block.  I have automated systems out there that will continue to make money for me automatically.  I bring people through paid traffic into a presentation that sells for me (using my own webinar platform for doing so).

So, we have money coming in every day into the business…BUT, this block isn’t necessarily about focusing on that.

This block is focused on direct response and a second tier of earning.  This is where I focus on partnerships, consulting contracts, coaching and more.

Often my list wants a variety of solutions that can help them with their online business.  Therefore I will send out information about new courses or training from other businesses and companies I respect.  I will also put out information about MY various courses or training as well.

(Sometimes I devote a bit more time to this block, often times 3 hours or even 4.)

This block allows me to often times double the revenue in the business which can of course help cover overhead and new projects.


Block #4 – “Creating Content For Your Business…”


Allocated time to this block:  (30 Minutes to 2 Hours)

Content Creation can have a HUGE impact on your growth. The more value your content has = the bigger the positive impact (additional revenue, more community members) it can have in your business.  However creating high quality content can take quite a bit of time to implement.  That’s one of the things that I find myself struggling with often.  Especially when I am having to focus energy on the other BLOCKS as well.

So what I have started to do is create a spectrum of various types of content to send out.

From simple 4 minute video update on a new YouTube feature or showing how an aspect of EasyWebinar
can help improve ones event funnel, to creating FULL BLOWN , VALUE RICH content that generally has a bit more time and energy devote to it.

At least every week I create some bit of content. Whether it’s doing a live event, or sending out a video training on the EasyWebinar blog…a bit of content is always being made weekly.

However, the bit of content that I really want you to start thinking about is that kick butt content that can:

  • Find and attracts a bigger audience
  • Deepen your relationship with your existing audience
  • Show a window into WHY someone should be apart of your community. (Vulnerability, Expertise, and Value)

And more often that not, that type of content will have more time and thoughtfulness devoted to it.

Sometimes in this block (which I try to focus on daily),  I will either:

  1. Conceptualize my next content piece
  2. Do an interview
  3. Edit my videos
  4. Write the blog article.

A couple tips: 

Don’t be afraid to show your personality.
Don’t be afraid to have an opinion.

Both of these things can help you to deepen your relationship with your existing audience and future audience.


With that said, if you ever feel worried about putting a bit of content out there because it might be slightly too personal, chances are, it’s the perfect bit of content to put out there.

I have a hard time stepping out of my comfort zone.  However when I do, I often find that I get way more praise, encouragement, and understanding than I thought I would.

So…try it!  You might be surprised with the results (hopefully in a good way! lol)

Thanks for watching and reading…and DO LET ME KNOW!

Have you ever faced a block or barrier in your life/business that’s slowed down your productivity? Let me know by commenting below.


Have you ever felt too uncomfortable to share something personal to the world? Your Story? Your Struggles?

If so, I wanted to invite you to join my Free Community all about building and growing your tribe, honing in on your story, and selling your products and services! More impact, more influence, more results for your audience, more freedom and time and of course more money.


Thanks and much love to you!

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  • Hello, Casey, thanks for your current video. You mentioned that you are a recovering perfectionist. Here, then, is a book you may be interested in as far as improving your professional (as well as personal) life. It is called ‘OCPD’s Only Hope of Psychological Wellness.’ You can read about it at Just search at their site by the title above. Best wishes in all your present and future endeavors! Sincerely, Mack Ethridge

  • Nice work Casey I definitely suffer from the recovering perfectionist syndrome. Sometimes you just have to know when a piece of work or any project is done and let it go or you end up like Lucas tweaking it and read tweaking it in your whole life until it’s a big mess. Then again Lucas did salad for four billion dollars to Disney so maybe that’s a bad example!

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