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Just 1 hour before the Conscious Wealth Summit’s Live Online Event yesterday,  I was finishing up another Webinar (Otherwise known as an online event). Yes I have officially become Webinar and Online Event Crazy.

The Reason is because this year alone, Webinars/Online Events have been my number 1 source for generating income in my business.  I have Grossed over 100k in 6 months (just from Webinars).  Now that number is not exactly staggering, however 1 year ago, I was NOT using Webinars at all as an income producing feature in my business.  Since then I’ve tested, tweaked, fell flat, triumphed, honed and ultimately found both an active and passive tool for generating revenue.

I am a Video Marketer by trade. I love and evangelizing videos power to engage, build relationships, and produce emotional response on a very real and truthful level.  The power found in video also extends organically into online events.  In fact, dare I say that an online event has an even deeper level of connection because although it uses video as it’s platform, it is something that is experienced in real time and live.

When I do a Webinar, the only difference from it to say speaking live from stage in front of a physical audience is that on stage I generally am wearing pants.  🙂 The energy, emotion, nerves, and thrill are somewhat the same.  Especially when I can get over 400 people showing up to watch my presentation on a Webinar/Online Event!

Both myself and the attendee of the Webinar feels that energy.  That’s the power of online events.

You don’t have to actually fly anywhere, spend money on a hotel, or worry that the folks in Australia (if you are in States) won’t be able to show up to your event.  An online event has a GLOBAL audience…That’s the brilliance of it.

My Mantra for the future of my business is to use both VIDEO and ONLINE EVENT MARKETING while technology evolves…until eventually, both are utterly congruent to each other.

my number 1 source for generating income in my business.001

Ok back to the replay below…

I have been on a mission to bring these two very similar and related mediums together.  In this attempt, my company has developed a Webinar software that integrates video and the power of online events/Webinars together.

The question that troubles with an online event/Webinar is “how do you scale up that business model to where you can do more Webinars as well as make sure that someone on the other side of the world can attend your Webinar?”

If I have a webinar in my time zone in Southern California at 1pm PST, and someone in Thailand registers for that Webinar, they would have to be up at 3am or so to attend that Webinar event.  (That’s not going to fly)

So we’ve created a software that essentially takes a Webinar that you pre-create and puts it into a dynamic platform that will live stream that pre-created webinar video at pre-designed scheduled time or times that you as the person putting on the webinar decides.  For instance our platform allows for your registrants to watch the webinars based on their own timezones, alleviating the issues of someone in an opposite timezone of you not getting to see your event.

In this Replay of yesterday’s Webinar/Online Event with the Conscious Wealth Summit, I show how our software works to do this.  I also talk about my personal method for driving traffic and building engagement as well as getting attendees to your Webinars with the power of YouTube.

(Essentially bringing my two business together to offer a full traffic and conversion method for developing a business. )

So please enjoy! And if you should have any questions about the software or the traffic training, please do let me know!

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  • Hi, Casey,
    I use to say people this: be aware of “humble” looking people. If they are not talking, they are thinking, and when they move the lips you notice they have tons of accumulated knowledge that seems just pretty much endless.
    Besides, I was fortunate enough to attend your previous webinar – the one that is mentioned in this replay.
    I rest my case. 🙂
    Best wishes to you,

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