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Here is an example of the Smart YouTube Plugin

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The Smart YouTube plugin is a

terrific plugin

for any and all video marketers.

The smart YouTube Plugin_Chad Vader

The Smart YouTube Plugin works on a couple levels.

  • You can quickly upload a youtube video without having to worry about embedding or using the HTML source.
  • You can also upload entire playlists or even videos in HD.
  • It is completely user friendly.  The video player settings can be changed to fit your own preferences with very little explanation.
  • Most importantly, or uniquely, The Smart YouTube Plugin has the function to display in your RSS feed a preview image of the video (automatically grabbed from Youtube), the link to the video, or both.
  • The Smart YouTube Plugin developer recommend enabling only the preview image.


Here is the very popular web series Chad Vader.  The show’s central character is Chad Vader, I believe a cousin of the more popular Darth Vader, he works as a Day-shift manager at the appropriately named Empire Market.  Chad Vader has a not too uncommon way of clashing with his customers and employees.

If you would like to get your hands on the Smart YouTube Plugin-

go to

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