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SEO Pressor Plugin Review

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Casey Zeman

A look into the WordPress Plugin SEO Pressor.

So, what is the best way to optimize your WordPress blog?”

There was a time when you had to hire a SEO specialist to give you the proper advice on how to best structure your blogs.

That is why I created this video about SEO Pressor.

I have been using SEO pressor for about a month now and I have to say that I have noticed a pretty drastic difference between the posts that are optimized and the posts that are not.  One of my posts “How to create your own information product” moved up from page 40 to page 2 on Google out of 252 million pages.  That happened in the time frame of 2 weeks.

Video 1

Video 2

If you would like to get the SEO Pressor for yourself CLICK HERE.

In The video above I show you a behind the scenes look into the use and the

functionality of SEO Pressor.

You and I go through the process together using SEO Pressor to optimize one of my posts.


In this video you will see:

  • How easy SEO Pressor is to use.  So I do have to give it a grade of accessibility of an A
  • How I use SEO Pressor as well as Google Keyword tool to find a good enough keyword or keyword phrase to use in the article.
  • I also show the dangers of “too much”  SEO Pressor.  You can very easily fall into an obvious article that trade in the substance for ranking.
  • The key is to use SEO Pressor as a guideline for optimization without loosing the quality of the content.
  • The SEO Pressor also has a great feature of optimizing your videos and images.
  • Another downfall of SEO Pressor is that it sucks up a lot of CPU, so you need to have a great hosting plan, otherwise the server that your sites are hosted on can get slightly bogged down.

If you would like to get the SEO Pressor for yourself CLICK HERE.

Email me at if you have any question on how to install or implement SEO pressor.

  • Hey man Great Video! That plugin does seem really great for those just starting out in SEO. I learned a lesson just watchin how it works.

    Have to use H2 and H3 a bit more. Going to go fix some articles 8)

    Also not sure if you know but facebook comments aren’t fully loading

    But atleast you got your like button fixed

  • So glad I was able to provide you with the information your required, keep following my future posts, who knows what you will learn that will be of benefit in the future!

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