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What Platform Should I use For My Product Launch?

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So you have a product launch that you are close to setting in motion.  The things that are circling around in your head are things like.

What platform am I going to use for my product launch?

What should be the cost of my product?

Even if I spent 12 months creating the product, will people still find it as valuable as that time spent creating it?

When should I set up an affiliate program, and should I?

All of these questions you WILL go through when doing a launch for your product. Let’s answer the first Question today.

First question:  What Platform should I use to Launch my product?

Well, you may not have thought that you could use a platform for a product launch.  Maybe you were thinking, “I can create the squeeze page, thank you page, product sales page, upsell page and download page all on my own.”  You can, of course, do so but I suggest focusing on your product and the value you can offer to make this process as simple and accessible as possible.  Here is a list of products that I have bought myself and tested.  So read this before buying something.

  • Kajabi– Kajabi offers a quick (relatively) way of getting full sales funnels up and running with simple selections.  Now there is a bit of a learning curve when creating these launches with Kajabi.  You will have to understand the back office of the system, but once you do, launches can take hours to create and not days or weeks.  They have a great customer support system built in and tutorial videos on how to use kajabi.  You can also set up Membership sites with Kajabi which is hugely powerful.  The only thing about Kajabi that some might call negative, is the price.  I believe the lowest price is 99 dollars a month, which allows you 5 product launches.  Then it goes to 200 a month I think for unlimited use.  Some might not be able to handle this expense, especially if you still have to set up an affiliate program for your product, which could cost a little something depending on what you use. Kajabi hasn’t built in an affiliate program…Yet.
  • JV Press– This is a WordPress Plugin that can also create landing pages, sales pages, and product launch sequences quickly.  It does not have as many bells and whistles as Kajabi in regards to what you can do (can’t set up a Membership site) , however the price for the Plugin is only about 97 dollars which is a one time fee.  I find that it is easy to maneuver through the back office if you are already somewhat familiar with WordPress. The only issue I have, is that you may have to go in to manipulate the code for each page to get the pre-existing options centered properly on the page.
  • Optimized Press– Another WordPress Plugin.  Also a one time payment and Possibly the best option for a product launch. There is a one time expense and the back office is easy to understand, yet has a few more things available then JV press.  Meaning that you CAN set up a membership site within it.

What Platform Should I use For My Product Launch?.001

Now based on these three options, I would say Optimized Press wins the battle.  However just recently I came across a new WordPress Plugin that does everything that Kajabi and Optimized Press does, and for the next 5 days starting March 16, 2011 till March 21, 2011 it is selling for 3 times as less as Optimized Press.

  • It is called Profit Themes.  I bought it myself for the $27 dollar price tag that it is at for the next 5 days, and Discovered that the functions of creating a squeeze page, sales page, product launch, membership site, membership site with drip content, as well as some other bells and whistles were not only easy to understand and use but also to the same caliber as Optimized Press and Kajabi.  So for the money my vote is Profit Themes.


You can click below to purchase it for $27 dollars till March 21!


Check out the 15 minute video that they have on the sales page.  Keep an eye out for 6.5 minutes in where it starts to talk about landing pages, product launch sequence, membership sites, drip content, and Facebook comment integration.

Tomorrow-Keep an eye out for a price point discussion in regards to product creation where we will answer the question ” what is your value and time worth?

If you would like to see my review of Optimize Press CLICK HERE.

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