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Stuck on a project? Try Visualization – a Lesson from Michael Hyatt.

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Casey Zeman
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imagine (1)A great idea is wonderful – until you get stuck and can’t figure the ins and outs to get it up and rolling.  Or maybe burn out has struck and motivation is needed.  Not long ago I was stuck on a particular piece of a project and so I tuned in to listen to Michael Hyatt.  Michael is a New York Times Bestselling author with wonderful podcasts and products on productivity.

I began listening to a podcast where Michael was sharing about how he sometimes questioned his ability to write a book. Not only just write it, but how in the world could he get it to the bestseller list? Michael then suggested an idea that helped him. It was one word and it really resonated with me. The word was  VISUALIZATION.

What Michael did with visualization was so clever.  He got a designer to create a mock-up of the book he wanted to write. Then he took the mock-up and placed it in his office where he could look at it every day. He spent a lot of time focusing on that book daily. By visualizing the end product and spending time focusing on it, the book came to life and he was able to complete writing it.

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This concept rang true because I was in the middle of creating images with for a podcast I wanted to complete. I was kind of stumped for the writing portion, so I put visualization to work and created multiple images of what I wanted the podcast to be about.  I spent some time focusing on the images of what I wanted to present and soon what I needed to write became clear.  By focusing on individual images and the outline needed for each image, I was able to compile the entire presentation and get out of “stuck mode”.

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Casey’s Super Tip:  If you are trying to produce something like a book, a project, software, etc… try creating an image of what that end product will look like first. Then place that image in a prominent place where you can begin to visualize the end result. I am positive this will help you finish your project much more quickly!

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