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How to Create Your Own Information Product, Video 2 of 2

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Here is the 2nd Video in the video series

“Create your own Information Product”

We Continue on with the second Video and I really want you to start thinking about what it is that your information product functions as.

  • Does your information product  fill a need?
  • Is there a market for your information product?
  • Is your information product something that is not on the market currently?
  • Who is the market that your information product is directed towards?
  • What are you going to charge, what is your information product worth to you?
  • Is your information product relevant to NOW?

Remember that your product does not have to be an information product, or just an information product.

You can always get your product turned into a physical thing that is sent in the mail.  However you can get a physical copy made on a need only basis.  You can charge more for the physical copy or as some people do charge simply for shipping and then turn around contact a “company” who can make the physical copy right on the spot, the template is already created and the only thing that is necessary to get is the name and the address of the buyer.  Which can all be automated.  This process avoids the issue of having to mass produce a product before it actually sells.


Continue to take notes.  In this video We discuss one of the most important ways of successfully Branding yourself.  That is, to create your own products.  Whether that is in the form of an Ebook, Video Series, software or membership site.  This step will catapult your positioning online.

I also want to point out that it is not as difficult as it might seem to create another form of information product, “software”.

The scary and dreaded software.  Well, listen.  There are software designers out there, you simply have to find them and have a VERY CLEAR IDEA OF WHAT YOU WANT YOUR SOFTWARE TO DO.  Write it out over and over.  Tweak it many times.  The more detailed you are about your software, the better conveyed the concepts of it, which makes your software designer not want to pull out his/her hair.


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