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How to Create your Own Product, Video 1 of 2

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Casey Zeman

“Create a Product”.Create a Product

To make it to the second step in discovering your online presence, you must create a product. 

The first step is deciding what you are going to do online. ie, your NICHE.

The Second is Create a Product.

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The second step is branding yourself.  You Create a product as an extension of your brand.  It is reflection of what you presence is online.

Brand=Creating a Product.

This is video one of 2 on where you will learn the importance of creating your own product and how it is one of the only ways to truly Brand yourself.

So you are probably wondering “How do I create a Product?”

You can create a product through a few methods.

  • You can find inspiration in other products that have been created.  Often times, a created product has a resemblance of many products rolled into one.  Try to make your Product different.  Unique.
  • You can generally discover ways of creating a product through trial and error.  Or maybe you find a flaw in some system.  That is a perfect time to create a product.

    Create a Product out of a need!

  • Have you ever heard of MMR or PLR??  Well MMR stands for Master Resell Rights and PLR stands for Private Label Rights.  These already existing products can be re-branded to be your own.
  • This is probably the most popular way to create a product.

Enjoy the Video  “How to Create your own Information Product, Video 1 of 2”.

After you are done, you can learn more about how to create a product, by watching Video 2.  CLICK HERE.

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  • Hi Casey, excellent video, I like your teaching style. You have a very easy voice to listen to and a great way of explaining things in simple terms, something I strive for myself. I absolutely love this website, can you clone one for me and just throw my picture up on the header? Just kidding, I’ve been struggling with my blog for a nyear and just can’t seem to find a look I’m happy with. ( I’ll be a frequent flyer here, one of the best blogs/vlogs I’ve seen this years, EASILY! Thanks Casey, talk soon!

    • Bertram,

      Thanks for the comment and so sorry to have taken so long to get back to you. Love the Video Marketing for Newbies site. Your video great , to the point, professional. Much more spot on then some of mine. We should skype sometime. I will take a look at your blog as well.



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