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Building Your Platform-Optimize Press 2 Bonus Package

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Casey Zeman

As someone who is looking to spread your message online what’s needed?


Good question.

  • Divine Intervention?
  • A Million Dollars?
  • Celebrity Status?

Well…..those things definitely don’t hurt but…No. What you need is a platform.  What is a platform?

In the old days it was a guy hopping up on a milk crate yelling ‘Gather Around’.  Well nowadays, it’s a bit different.

A platform is a hub for promoting, launching, connecting, sharing, helping and learning from…
And whether we are selling online confectionery goods or a digital book about Skydiving over the Galapagos Islands, we all need one.
So what is a platform?

A platform is 1 part Community and 1 part a place for that Community to grow and thrive.

The ‘Community’ aspect of a platform can be how you connect one on one with people who are interested in what you have to say.  Often times you establish your ‘Community’ from your social media hubs gathering Facebook Friends, Twitter Followers, Google + Circles and YouTube Subscribers.  You then drive those people back into your own existing Community hub so that you can nurture an even deeper relationship with them.
Maybe you’ll have them become subscribers to your own email list or maybe they’ll join you and the rest of the gang you build up inside your Forum.  Either way the goal with establishing a Community is to always be providing valuable content for that Community to consume and grow.

Now let’s talk about the 2nd part of that equation.  The place for that Community to grow and thrive.

Well, unless you’ve been spelunking in a Cave for the last few years cut off from the real world, then you know that blogging is one of the best ways to continue to send out valuable content to your Community. (You’re on a blog now so I assume this makes sense!)
In fact the technical side of a platform can mean:
  • A Website to Sell Your Product from.
  • A Membership site that has only premium content for either paid customers or registered users.
  • A Blog site where you can freely write simply articles for connecting and nurturing your audience.
Many of us (me included) go around finding hackery solutions to put something like this together.
Usually it is pieced together with paper clips, yarn and 10 year old elmers…(figuratively of course)
Now personally being able to market and build your community is hard enough without the technical aspect of the HOW TO BUILD THE PLATFORM getting in the way…
I mean who really knows how to build websites, add in HTML, FTP images?
So what is the solution? Well 2 things…

1.  My advanced training for building your Social Community and Building Your Business Funnel!

Combined with…

2.  Optimize Press 2 for building your physical digital hub!

Starting on July 31st and ending August 8th or so Optimize Press 2 will be open and available!
(Perfect for the non techie)

They Create Fully Responsive Sales Pages, Landing Pages, Blogs and Membership Portals…

Essentially this product is the ONLY product you will need to create all of your online assets.

Optimize Press created by now a friend of mine James Dyson is a product that has been in the market for 3 years.  His pages have been used in over 30k sites all over the internet.

Not to mention making companies Millions of dollars.

Well with the opening of OP2, you and the rest of us will be given an even BETTER more INTUITIVE tool with simple, clean design that you can be proud of for your business!

Why I am telling you about this? Because I have put together a slew of bonuses that are a great fit to Optimize Press 2. Starting July 31st 2013-Ending August 6th!

Number 1 Bonus.

Access to my Vid Traffic Conversion Course which  will teach you everything you need to know about building a community and marketing yourself online with the number one tool for establishing relationships online…video! (Valued at 2997)  [***Please note:  This bonus is only available for those who purchase the Pro or Publisher Package…]

Number 2 Bonus! (Still Arranging The Specifics)

You can be a fly on the wall of one of the best Mastermind Groups in the world.  THE DEN! (valued at 10k)

The Den is a small group of some of the top online marketers and businesses on the planet…with members such as:

  • Chris Farrell
  • Ian Bass
  • Sean Vosler
  • Casey Zeman (me)
  • And….Mr James Dyson himself. (The owner and creator of Optimize Press 2)

Just to name a few!

I have put the word out to these guys (and am still waiting to hear back) if it would be OK to film part our mastermind session and offer it up to those who come through my link to Optimize Press.

My goal is when we do our session in September or October…it’s like you will be there!

This is where million dollar ventures, ideas and launches are built and you can get an inside look at what these Internet Masters use for their success!  [***Please note: This bonus is available for all packages..]

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Number 3 Bonus!

We are getting a direct training/interview with the man himself.  James Dyson.  I have convinced James to come on with me personally to share his best secrets on how he manages his million dollar business and some key tips that he might have for you! (of course this is based on how many people pick up the bonus…we have to make it worth while for Mr. Dyson. ) (Valued at $997) [***Please note: This bonus is available for all packages..]

Plus we have these top bonuses as well!

Screen Capture Training – (Valued at $297) In Camtasia Studio Essentials Training, i’ll show you how Camtasia is one of the premiere video screen sharing software available on the market. It is perfect for PC owners. If you are just starting out as a video producer or even a seasoned video producer, you will find you can do wonders with this software.

For Mac owners I have ScreenFlow Training, discover why ScreenFlow is the best video editing software for mac around. It is great for doing screen capture but also for any editing that one needs to do.

Power Point Training Essentials – (Valued at $297) Creating powerful power point slides are essential for presenting your video message in a clear and precise way. That’s why in my Power Point Training Essentials course you’ll learn Microsoft power point from the ground up. this in depth training provide you with all the necessary understand of how to create a high quality slide that will make the most impact on the viewer.

Power Point is a brilliant way to create dynamic presentations as well as animation for videos Most people however don’t even know the basic of power point or the variety of uses it has For instance Don’t know how to use Photo Shop? Don’t worry, Power Point can almost take the place of Photoshop.

Audio and Graphics Package – (Valued at $697) Our ‘Spice up My Videos’ section consisting of video elements such as high quality music files and call-to-action bumper videos and background templates to breath some life into your videos!

Background music is essential to any good video production. That’s why is included an entire library of over 80 tracks of music for your videos.

Graphics are an important part of any good video project. In my graphic package you will find background for videos and power point presentation. Software to create awesome Google Hangout lower thirds! And an additional killer software to create Your custom YouTube One Channel Banners.

Plus you’ll get 6 Bumper videos that you can add to the end or the beginning of your videos to give it a professional look.

Video Hosting and Players Training – (Valued at $297) Are you confused by all the video jargon? Do you want to know the bests formats, players and hosting for your videos?

In this video training we go into depth on video formatting, video hosting and player integration. We even go over how to host your video on Amazon s3.

Don’t worry we’ll make it non techie and easy to understand.

WordPress Revealed – (Valued at $297) Save yourself months of struggling with these simple strategies enjoy your life. Make your business work for you, not you working for your business.

Understanding WordPress is essential for any online marketer. it’s fast and easy to use, plus it has a number of additional features that will enhance your videos. That’s why we included WordPress training in video marketing course.

After following this video training you will be up and running with WordPress in no time flat.

Local Marketers Delight – (Valued at $497) Learn how to get offline clients begging to write you a check for your services with these top strategies.

Offline businesses are starving for new leads in customers, but for most of my business owners they don’t understand the technology and techniques of online marketing. That’s why your services are so valuable. You can easily take the techniques and strategies of online video marketing and help local business owners find a target market online.

In this training I give you my strategies for acquiring offline customers.

Our Expert Corner – (Valued at $297) Get some keen insights into video marketing and social media inside our ‘Expert Corner’ with such experts from Mari Smith, Mark Robertson, Los Silva, Gideon Shalwick, Michael Stelzner, Brian Halligan and more.

The content in these videos are some of the most powerful ideas the ever captured on video. We cover everything from video blogging to relationship marketing.

You get to listen to these recordings as if you were alive in the room with us. And now they’re yours to keep.

VTC Content Creation Lab – (Valued at $497) Here you can learn all about how to make the best types of content for your business. Content is the lifeblood of driving leads. Here we first teach you the best types of video in your business, how and what equipment to use, where to house your content and how to use it to build your community.

This course takes you through a step by step process for creating a product. we take you through the development of your idea, to the creation of the content and even how to launch your product.

Mastermind Webinars Archive – (Valued at $1997) Live Recordings from my inner circle mastermind training. With your membership you can get all of our top Mastermind training archived webinars only available to those who were coaching students of mine. Webinar content ranges from video best practices all the way to advanced lead generation strategies.

Now, you can listen to our intimate conversations and get deep insights into the power of video marketing

[***Please note: This bonus is only available for those who purchase the Pro or Publisher Package…]

So what can you do now?

The cart for Optimize Press 2 opens on the 31st.  Right now you can come on through and discover why OP2 officially rocks!

Come on through to learn why Optimize Press 2 is the Number 1 tool for building all the pages found in your business!

How do you get the bonuses? After you purchase, go to my helpdesk, copy & paste your receipt & request access to the bonus.
I’ll then give you further details on how to access! My helpdesk is here:

The affiliate link again is here:

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