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YouTube Webinar 2 Available-How to Use ScreenFlow ( Screen Capture Software) to Make a Video Then Upload it to the Web.

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Casey Zeman

Hi All, Sorry for the longest title in history.

This video is about 50 minutes long.

It shows the process of uploading a video onto YouTube.

I then go back and edit a video that I create with Screenflow.

I produce the video and save it as an MP4, then go back through the process of uploading it to YouTube.

Next week we will be taking that video we produced and embedding it onto a website. We will also be discussing YouTube’s various functions.

If you would like to see how to EMBED the YouTube Subscriber Widget and where to find the code CLICK HERE.

And if you missed YouTube Revealed Webinar 1 please CLICK HERE.

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  • Hello…
    Nice start to the video but about 6 minutes into it, it stops playing & goes back to the beginning… Tried viewing it 3 times with same results…
    Will check back in a few days to see if it working yet…


    • Hey Mark I just tried it and it seemed to work. That is weird . What browser are you using? Sorry man.


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