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Need help to create a new idea or content for livestreaming? It’s easy, Just ASK!

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A lot of people, myself included, ask what kind of content or products they should be creating. What kind of content should I create that resonates with the people I want to connect with and the audience I am trying to build?

One of the best ways of trying to figure out what kind of content to write is just to ASK. I know, that’s novel isn’t it? But it really is that simple.

When was the last time you asked the people you wanted as customers to tell you what they needed? What they wanted to have? What are the things that stir up their pain points? If you can solve the pain points, you’ve got material to produce.

You have to ask and then give them what they want. Better yet, you need to help customers understand what it is they need and then you can help solve their problem.

For instance, I saw a huge gap in the Periscope marketplace for getting specific analytic information. We had no data to know who was listening, who were the most engaged, and how to market to those people. Without that data, there was no way to follow up with all these potential customers. So we began listening for and asking what broadcasters were needing and the result is Fullscope. Fullscope is an answer to the wants and needs of the people in our community.

It’s not only about asking one time, it’s about always asking. Just because you’ve answered one need, it doesn’t mean it’s over. There are always opportunities to improve. An example is the survey I just sent out regarding Fullscope. I created a very simple form in Infusionsoft, my CRM system. You can create this same type of survey in other platforms such as Survey Monkey. You can ask specific or leading questions to help get a pulse of what your followers are needing from you. This is turn gives you the perfect opportunity to answer that need for them.

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The brilliant thing about Fullscope is that after your broadcast, you can go in and look at see who viewed, hearted, and commented. This allows you an opportunity to engage with them later if needed. Fullscope gives you a window into the people who are resonating with your content. You don’t need to have 200 people on a Periscope in order to connect with someone. If you think that, please get rid of that outdated idea. Actually, having a smaller group is better in many ways. You want the diehard followers that are fully concentrated and want to listen to you.  You can also see the trolls and block them in Twitter and Periscope so they cannot continue to interrupt your Periscopes.

The bottom line is this. Ask your customers what they need. You can use the survey method if you’d like.  Make a list of the Top Ten needs that they have. Use this list for topic ideas to make Periscope broadcasts. The more you ask, the more information you’ll receive, which in turn will give your more content or products to produce.

Casey’s Super Tip: When you titling your Periscopes, be very specific with what your audience wants. Know your avatar or target market and keyword and title your broadcasts to reach those people. Use hashtags in your titles that are also very specific so that you are attracting the right people. If you are not optimizing your titles, using the power of hashtags, and not connecting with these people on Twitter afterwards, you could be missing a huge market of potential clients or followers that you want to engage.

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