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Have you been sitting at your computer for more then 5 hours looking at your emails, watching videos on YouTube and checking out people on your Twitter and Facebook?

Guess what?

That is not a bad thing.  Let me tell you why.

All of those actions can leverage your an  online business, even if you don’t have one yet.

It is a myth that Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are time wasting. brain sucking sites.  Of course you could jump on YouTube and suddenly look up at the clock and realize you’ve wasted 5 hours of your day looking at videos about kittens and rabbits.

The “Social Triumvirate” (Facebook, Twitter and YouTube)  are powerful tools that can suck you in to a void if you don’t have a game plan and goal for using them.

Connecting with people and building relationships ignite any business.  You can and should devote hours of your time Writing emails, making Facebook friends and Twitter followers.

First lay out a path or direction for yourself and then travel down that path.  What is your agenda online?  It is not bad to have one.

Ask yourself this question, “What is your goal with having an online business?”

Is it to have more time to travel?

Spend time with your Family?

Have Financial Freedom to alleviate the issue of money?(which is probably the heaviest burden we all face)

I know it can seem overwhelming when you are first coming online when you are faced with product after product all promising fast cars, big houses, and money falling from the sky.

That is how most of us start out, falling for one of the products and getting pretty much nothing at all from it.  Then of course we look for another product because now we are forced to put the puzzle pieces together to see the big picture.  Or at least what we think is the big picture.

Well what if all it took to discover the big picture was  just looking inward and asking yourself a very simple question. “What makes you happy?

This will help build your online presence.001

I know I personally had issues with doing this seemingly simple task.  Don’t be fooled by it, as simple as it is, it is also one of the hardest things to do, because it asks us to face a question that doesn’t bring us joy but maybe regret.  We all have hopes and dreams of how we want our lives to be but we of course loose sight  of those goals sometimes not due to anything really negative, just life happening.

We need a job so we take a job. We get married and raise a family and although we are happy and wouldn’t give up what we have for a second, there are those moments when we look back at the ideals and visions we once had and wonder, whatever became of them?

Are they lost forever?  Most of us decide that they are.  We stuff them into the back of the closet and forget about them as we “Live Life”.

But they never stops nagging at you.  That is why you are always searching for something.  Looking at Promises of fast cars, big houses, and money from the sky online because you are curious to fill that void.

So my question to you is again.  If you could do anything online what would it be?

That should be your number one decision when coming online. The Big Picture comes from within.

Once you decide what you want to do based on your passions, you have already placed a plan of success out there. The reason being, that you will always work extra hard and continue to push yourself when it is something you believe in and are passionate about.

The second step is to simply find someone who can bring those passions and goals to life. A Mentor.

It is so important to find someone who you can trust.  Not someone who will promise you everything under the sun but someone who can lead you in the right direction to avoid mistakes and to keep on that path.  The money will come.  First think about what you passions and goals are.

Once you do, you are on your way to understanding how to Brand yourself.



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