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Tear it down vs. keep it standing

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Casey Zeman

Most of us get so worried about change….but some of us get worried without it.

I use to work in real estate finance and my partner and I had little change come through.

We may have moved offices once or twice, but we always had the same desks, the same systems of doing things, the same bobble heads on the desk…

and the idea was if it ain’t broke why fix it, even if there could have been a better way.  (and there of course was…1 year later we closed the company)

It’s the devil you know vs. the devil you don’t.

It took me some time to discover but Change is good.  Bring down the walls if you need to.  Mix it up. Don’t be afraid to tear it down.

In fact now when something doesn’t feel right, leap a huge distance AWAY from it.

I personally start to feel antsy if there isn’t a new perspective.  Especially if something doesn’t feel right..

Once you tear it down, only then can you start to build it up in your true vision.

Also hold to your vision!

I’ve never gone into battle with a suit of armor or rescued a damsel in distress…

But I can say that I will ‘tear it down’ just so it can be the right vision.

Has there ever been a situation when you’ve wanted to ‘Tear it down”?

Maybe something didn’t feel right to you.  What did you do about it?

Or didn’t do about it?

Once you tear it down, only then can you start to build it up in your true vision..001

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