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My Coffee with Chris Farrell-The Evolution of Internet Marketing.

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Casey Zeman

Chris and I met for Coffee this weekend to discuss the ever changing and ever expanding world of Internet Marketing.

Have you been feeling the changes coming???

Technology evolves at probably the fastest rate out there.  (Sans NASA…)

For that reason, so should the growth of the Marketer. A shift in humanity and value has been building.

Similar to the evolution of the mortgage crisis.

There was a rampant sprint of irresponsible loans in the US that toppled the global economy-until, finally, it was too late.  Only after the “bubble burst” did regulation and accountability begin.

I know this because I was in real estate finance for 7 years.

This is what the internet marketing movement feels like to me.

HOWEVER…I feel that Internet Marketing has a chance still.  I say this because, as I’ve said, I have seen a shift in value and humanity.

Internet Marketing for the last 10 years has been mainly focused around this ideal——> “how can I make money online?”

Wide and false claims of no substance or value were the majority found in the Internet Marketing sector.  And after the devastation of the US economy, not to mention the global economy, many people in the World were seeking out new beginning.  Several of those people were desperate and went to the resource many of us who are reading this have invested our future in (the Internet).

There was money to be made, but it was tainted money.  Money that could have been used for providing food for a parent’s family instead of on a false product that preyed on the glimmer of desperate hope in that parent’s eyes, whose sole thought was, “I need to provide for my children now!!”

I am sorry that this reads so much like a doctrine but I feel very strongly about this.

I have people calling me, writing to me at least everyday about how they have lost their jobs and they want to know how to make money online fast because they don’t know where else to turn.  It crushes me, absolutely crushes me.  ( Every time someone asks for advice I give it for free-gladly, wishing and hoping for their success and that I could do more. )

These people are unfortunately the market for many scam marketers.

They ask “What do people need?” and answer: Money fast….

So, they base their campaigns around that.

Feeding on the desperation.  It sickens me to no end to see this.


It also makes me fearful that there will be tight restrictions placed on the whole lot of us because of these scammers.

But then I see a light.  A change. An evolution of GOOD people, creating GOOD content, with the intention to give GOOD value.  These few marketers are single-handedly causing this paradigm shift.  People like Chris Farrell and many of my other friends, whose number 1 goal is to provide good and usable value to truly legitimize Internet Marketing.  They are also here to demystify Internet Marketing.  When one decides to go a new direction in their life or chooses a new career path, they often go back to school.

So many of us have become the teachers, the Universities-Here to show that there is a real career available here.

Longevity not immediacy.

I believe, if we can continue down this path of creating a growth industry and not lining our pockets with false promises, then Internet Marketing will emerge clean and cherished as a viable career.  If we cannot, then it will remain stagnant and tainted and it will inevitably die out.

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  • Hi Casey,

    Thank you & everyone like Chris who’s creating good valuable content that will help us create our own business.


    – RJ

  • I am really interested in getting: “Marketing for Internet Infants”.

    Pat LaPointe

  • Loved the videos Casey. I’ve been a member of Chris’ membership from the beginning so I certainly understand what you guys are talking about. Also, would love the link to your book…interested it everything it will have to say. Good Job!

    • Thanks Mike. Yeah you and I have talked a few times on CFM. Thanks so much for comment. Did you get a chance to read the book. Let me know your thoughts. Also how are things going with you? thanks again, Casey

  • Great article. i feel the same about the scammers as you do. Preying on people when they are the most vulnerable knowing they are taking the food out of kids mouths just to line their own pocket. Makes me ill.

    Of course i would like you free book adn i will link this on both of my facebook pages.

    • Thanks so much Spencer for the comment. Yeah there is a bit of a grey area with most not seeing the difference between scammers and legitimate. I never believe anything too hype driven. Although hype seems to be a very popular way of securing outcome. If only there could be Honest Hype.

  • Great article I agree. I love Chris Farrell, he has made life easier for so many people in the internet marketing world also. I would like your free book also, and thank you so much!! 🙂

    • Hi Trish, thanks for the comment, I believe I sent the book to you. Let me know if you got it or not. Cheers, Thanks again.

  • Member of Chris’s membership for a while.
    Love that he is honest and I am sure you are too. Would love to have your book!!
    I am really tired of all the so called guru’s and their crap.
    You and Chris will make a huge difference and I am proud of you both.
    Thanks again!!!

    • Margaret, thank you so much for the words. Honesty and hard work are often times just blown over in Internet marketing. Hype sort of wins out unfortunately. Did you get my book?? Let me know I would love to get your thoughts as well as more about what you do.


  • Casey,

    I think what Chris said about working on one thing for long enough is very critical.

    On that same note, I came across a replay link to Brendon Burchard’s recent interview with 4-Hour Work Week Author, Tim Ferris who also makes the point that people generally go one in deep and a mile wide, while we *should* be going one inch wide, a mile deep.

    Here’s the link if you had any interest in listening to the interview… he speaks mainly about 5 principles he developed since launching and hitting the NYTimes bestselling list:


    • Chase, an inch deep and a mile wide is more important, you’re right. I just wrote about going to deep into learning or creating because what does it accomplish if there is no one to share it with? Chris was actually talking about find one thing that you are good at and work with that. Essentially saying find your niche, get good at one thing. But then turn around and secure that position within that niche quick. Timing is a large factor in all that we do.

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